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  1. There’s a bigger joke in there too besides Peterson, the relationship there professionally and personally
  2. I truly believe that Ben is not going anywhere. It is a family business, has been and will be. Matt is the first to put the light on those around him, it is a great team. I wonder who else could lead Cadets brass without taking a huge turn backwards. Will be interesting if the young texas band director (JL) that is Gino's protege stays, I tend to think he's going as well. Brad Green or Tommy Feagin would also be a good fit!
  3. Looking at his comments, I think its Cadets. Great pickup!
  4. Are you guys getting this from the post last night and on reddit or from legitimate source? Would be awesome if true Everyone coming home for a last push, has a bit of "story" to it
  5. Is it possible that the best brass team in the activity is headed north? Would blow many away if so
  6. What is the possibility of trying to get the Rennicks and JD Shaw to Cadets if a new program coordinator is established? They were brought in by Fielder who is no longer at SCV. JD Shaw would also be able to teach if you could convince him. Crazy how successful the Rennicks have been over the past decade or so