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  1. I hadn't heard that Jim Donnelly was attributed with the invention of the French Horn bugle. Glad that the instrument was created. Always loved the sound. Vinnies, from the mid-fifties, onward had a kick-a$$ FH section. I think that they fielded six of them. (as did BSGK I think) Somewhere in my dimming past, I recall being told by an old-school Vanguard that St. Vincent's and a few other corps used specially made horns, which meant that they were not the Holton, Getzen, or other "standard-issue" instruments. Whatever the instruments that were used, they certainly projected, and were pretty well in tune. Unique sound.
  2. Are you kidding? Vinnies was one of the best corps in the nation for many years. Blessed Sacrament, Holy Name/Garfield and St. Vincent's were close competitors throughout the 1950s. St. Vincent's was one of the winningest Jr. corps in history. I think that they folded in 1962 or '63.
  3. My copy of the Phantom Regiment DCI 2003 show has been damaged. No longer available on DCI website. Anyone want to sell me one? PM me if interested. Thanks
  4. In 1958 the Chicago Vanguard had a staff consisting of John LoBue, who arranged and taught the hornline, and Larry Lavita, who handled drums, drill and was manager. We were terrible and rehearsed a LOT that season. I don't know how those men were able to have personal lives. We were thankful for their dedication.
  5. I had the pleasure of meeting Father John M. D'Arcy in 1965 when the Cardinals were in Chicago for VFW Nationals. They competed at the Des Plaines Vanguard show while there. He was a very bright, guy with a great sense of humor. I was impressed, and felt that the Cardinals had a first class Moderator.
  6. 5-18-19 I saw a Dynastry III Euph. for sale on Ebay this morning.
  7. The Cavaliers had a long history of taunting and demeaning the Black Knights. The two corps really hated each other. (Kinda like the Chicago Bears and the Greenbay Packers) The Cavaliers, over the years, were known for referring to the BKs as "hillbillys" and $hit-kickers." This lack of courtesy and respect earned them some push-back from BKs. IMHO
  8. Critter 1701, I knew that I wasn't the only one who was aware of these old instruments I just bought one of the old Holton over the shoulder bass baritones. Brass finish, with case. It plays very well. It's pitched in G - D. No rotary valve. It needs some TLC, but I'm enjoying it. The USMC, Reilly Raiders, Milstadt Crusaders and Kankakee Lancers all used these - long ago. RE: The horn you offer - Please PM me with particulars (pictures?) and asking price. Thanks. PS The email address in my original (old) posting is no longer valid.
  9. I'm trying to locate sources for parts for repairing/restoring my collection of old, G baritone bugles. (Getzen DeLuxe and Titlest, Ludwig, and especially Holton 368.) If you have parts or used G baritones available, or know someone who has them, please PM me with contact information. Thanks,
  10. Dave Hill wrote their show. Mike Kumer did the percussion. Frank Pamper did the drill. Jim Unrath was the corps director.
  11. Can anyone provide some history on St. Rose? It seems that they were only around for a couple of years. I remember standing on the starting line watching them at Detroit VFW Nationals in 1960. We (Vanguards) were impressed. They had that great Al Saia sound and a very open style drill. We particularly liked their arrangement of "Song of India." I may be wrong on this, but I think that Jerry Shelmer was their drum instructor. Anyhow, where did they come from? Why did they break up? Where did their membership go?
  12. Mr. Saia also wrote for the St. Rose Scarlet Lancers and St. Mary's Cardinals. He had an interesting style. His use of harmony sopranos was unique. Sort of haunting. In 1961-1962 (I think) I heard that he was using some baritones with soprano mouthpieces. He voice them like mellophones. An innovative and very talented guy.
  13. The best corps manager I ever had the pleasure of working with was Jim Unrath, of the Des Plaines Vanguard. A great organizer, cheerleader, facilitator, musician and all around exceptionally intelligent guy. Great sense of humor too.