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    three corps, five years. div II (15th) in 03, div I (17th) in 04, div I (5th, 4th, 7th) in 05, 06, and 07. im not making this too difficult.
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    before really getting into the activity and all, from a fan's standpoint, phantom.
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    phantom regiment 1995, "adventures under a darkened sky"
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    personal experience/favorite shows from my competition, 2007. aside from that....i dont know. 92? 2000? 99?
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    tallahassee, fl
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    dr. beat vocalizations, big lebowski quotes, and yocco's hot dogs.

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  1. i hope this actually comes out sometime soon, im really looking forward to eventually seeing it, assuming that'll be a possibility at some point. i was really looking forward to it at first....forgot about it for a while, but i'm glad definitive progress seems to be being made. what i want to know is in which forms of media it will be available. i think that's a topic that'll make a big difference with people reading about it on dcp as well.
  2. bd '97, who could have beat them? cadets were trying to pull off one of the hardest shows ever, and they were competing against one of the cleanest drum corps of all time. well done, but sorry, guys. definitely cadets in 05, bd in 86, and bd in '94, i agree with those.
  3. this post is a good example of why i no longer really enjoy dcp.
  4. 2001. '99 cavaliers, DUT DUT DUT DUT dont forget magic 04, everyone screaming the "yo ho" song.....in between the phrases, a trumpet player yells "I'M A PIRATE" the first time and "THIS IS G.E." the second time, in response to abnormally low G.E. scores at the hornell, NY show. bluecoats '06 at the beginning of the tihai (jazz piece), two snares individually yell stuff backfield.....its semi-intelligible. along the lines of "BRRRRRR(rolled r)RRUH!!" "BRRRRRUHHHHEEEOUHHHHH!" guess that sort of counts. bluecoats '02, "TAXI" and all sorts of other "city" like stuff throughout the back half of the show. spirit '04, basically a bunch of stuff like bluecoats '02. "GET OUTTA MY WAY," "EXTRA EXTRA, etc." i liked the singing at the end of bluecoats 96 a lot.
  5. i pretty much hate most BOA bands, so uhhh......yeah
  6. a few people have said "the word" in this thread, therefore they're doomed for next season.
  7. he was cadets brass caption head in 1995, the year they won horns (i think they've only done so 4 times.....somewhere around there) i think his personality has changed a lot since his time with the cavaliers.....apparently he was a lot more intense and hard on the members there than he was with the bluecoats. he was the biggest influence/factor in the connexus show; more so than in 07 and 08, i believe (those had more of mike macintosh's influence). he's definitely a great pickup for the cavaliers. i have a ton of respect for the man. i think his daughter is the 5th element by the way.
  8. the tuba tech sings bass with a professional ensemble in the cleveland area; the hornline has prioritized singing more and more since.....'06 or so. he posts on here reasonably often actually, though i won't reveal his alias.
  9. phantom is certainly not the hornline typically associated with "playing in tune," just saying. i've liked their brasslines lately but as at least one example, i re-watched phantom '03 recently for the first time in a while and was shocked by how much control was sacrificed in the name of "emotional brass performance." why would someone whos never marched a step of drum corps in his life ask someone with like 5 years of experience if he knows what drum corps is? what a joke.
  10. a lot of people like....ummmm...."do stuff" during your suggested tour months. are we (members) getting paid to take part in this new version of drum corps?