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  1. Mine? The moment my daughter walked on the field in semifinals, looked up into the stands and recognized that her brother was in the stadium. Connor had never seen her march corps in all of her 4 years ... and he flew from Boston to see her age-out and surprised her that night in the stadium. As you can see, she was quite surprised ... and it really made a great ending to her four year career.
  2. I am totally regretting all my life decisions ... OK, just the decision to do a work trip or go to Open Finals. These guys are so bringing it tonight.
  3. One of my favorite things (other than seeing my daughter on the field) is meeting DCP folks at shows. So who is going to be in Lucas Oil Live? And where? I'll be in section 141, row 14 on the aisle. I would love to meet anyone who is around me.
  4. No references to two years ago and the duet at the end of the show are allowed ... I'm already in a fragile state. So ready to see tonights show.
  5. So for everyone on here who is watching on Flo ... I'm MiniInShiloh on the questions for TakingTheField ... I drive a Mini Cooper (or did) and live in Shiloh ... get it????
  6. Very true ... and I've been extremely fortunate this year that work trips have overlapped drum corps ... I would never have gone to the Little Rock show (and sat in the press box) if it weren't for work. So I guess I can't complain.
  7. I'm a sucker for Flight of Paradise ... and they do it so well ..,. especially with the opening solo
  8. Hey everyone ... just got to my hotel in Raleigh. Wish I was in Marion. Got to see Colt Cadets and Shadow. These open class corps are really bringing it tonight. So looking forward to seeing them on Thursday.
  9. Will they be in Indy? I would like to see that live posted from the DrumScorps app