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  1. The Black Sheep Squadron will be there, and ready to go.
  2. The Black Sheep Squadron is up, and ready to go...to PLANET EARTH!
  3. Yes, let's give the off-season tour another try.
  4. Hello, Everyone, Sorry for the delay in posting this, but the real life business of being a band director got in the way. Anyway, the 2017 show for the Black Sheep Squadron is called: "No Fear, No Limit, No Equal", and is entirely made up of the soundtrack for the movie Senna, a documentary on the career of three time Formula One World Champion Ayrton Senna. All of the music in the show was written by Antonio Pinto, with the exception of one piece which was written by Nacao Zumbi. One of the pieces, God-Senna Theme, recurs throughout the show in its numerous variations as it does in the movie itself. The selections for our show include (not necessarily in the order used in the film): God-Senna Theme (recurring), The Bomb (used in the movie during the 1984 Grand Prix of Monaco where Senna drove a poor performing car in heavy rain conditions and finished second), Home Peace (recurs in the movie whenever Senna is at home with his family in Brazil between seasons), Japan Lotus (used when Senna left the struggling Toleman team to join the Lotus-Honda team in 1985), Hunt (used in the movie during the 1989 GP of Japan when Senna and teammate Alain Prost were both fighting for the championship, and each other personally, which led to a collision near the end of the race, and the investigation afterwards that sealed the championship for Prost), World Champion (used at the conclusion of the 1988 GP of Japan when Senna won his first world championship), Strange Justice (used after Senna was killed in an accident during the GP of San Marino in 1994, and during some of his reflections on his career). Maracatu Atomico (used in the end credits. This piece is the one written by Nacao Zumbi) Scott
  5. Corps Name: Black Sheep Squadron Corps Location: San Angelo, TX Class: World
  6. Black Sheep Squadron will be on the field once again! Dir.: Hornplayer9599 World Class San Angelo, TX
  7. Black Sheep Squadron has a 6th place, and a 4th place in both Sweepstakes contests they entered. They should be listed with 4 points...or did I miss something in my calculations?
  8. Definitely planning on having another run as well. The Black Sheep Squadron has already started rehearsals.
  9. I guess we could each select 2 corps for each live consolidated caption and take the average score of the two and use that for our Total (GE, Music, Visual) caption scores and use those to tabulate the final score. Not ideal, I know...but it may be the best option considering the situation.
  10. Hey, everyone, I'm hoping that this rookie DCPI director can get some help. I am not sure I understand how the corps' caption scores are being arrived at. I know we are in a non-live season right now, and we've all selected different corps' for each caption, but where are those scores coming from? Say I'm using 2015 Colts for my Music Ensemble caption. Are the scores my corps receives during the season in that caption coming from the score the Colts received during a show at a similar spot during the 2015 season (for example, the score from the Colts' 3rd show of the season being used for my corps' 3rd show)? I am concerned that in the last week, my corps' scores have dropped about 9 points, and I am not sure how to stop the bleeding. I am hoping to get a better understanding on how the scores are being generated so that I can make better decisions on what to do...right now all I can do is just make random changes to the captions and hope I hit the magic combination. Thanks, Hornplayer9599
  11. I think unlimited until the 31st is just fine. Small celebration here as the Black Sheep Squadron wins first contest ever!