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  1. Favorites (warning - controversy): 2019 - Beneath the Surface. MAN that brass book! The show was captivating from start to finish, I loved the use of bulgarian music and Caroline Shaw, and they had probably the best ballad of all of 2019. The overall idea of the show was executed super well and the visual side of things was amazing, not to mention they had one of the best percussion lines in their history. Severely underrated show in a year of such competition. 2012 - For the Common Good. This was the first show I ever saw when I heard of DCI. While I never saw a live show until 2016, this was the first show I watched online. The writing was spectacular and I think it's one of the best uses of source music in drum corps history. Mixing Moren's "Dreams" with Fanfare for the Common Man was a great mix. The visual aspect was stunning, with seeming impossible-to-march drill in the opener and the closer's rotating cube and surprise Crown set. Stunning show. 2006 - In.trance.it. This show was (arguably) the one that really set Crown on a path to being the crowd-pleasing organization they're known for today. Visually, this show had one of the best uses of field space and not having props helps with that. There are so many different colors and textures by the brass, from enticing to funky to lyrical to powerful, and everything in between. For an 8th place show, this has got to be one of the best shows Crown has put out. 2010 - A Sec2nd Chance. I've heard there was controversy behind this show that the original idea got leaked and they had to scrap that and write a new show. Regardless, this show had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Mahler 2 has a special place in my heart and they execute it so well. The Danzon and Nimrod were amazing written and performed, there were a lot of nice visual effects by the members and the guard, and I loved the callback to 2009 where the couple finally gets to be together and they run off the field. 2008 - Finis. To summarize this show up in one word, it would be classic. I swear, the designers probably just went to the Top 100 list for classical music and picked every iconic piece out there, but man do they know how to write. I love the fact that I can come back to the show and hear something different every time because they wrote so many easter eggs in the book. If it wasn't Phantom's year, this one would have definitely taken it (and I believe it should have placed higher than 4th). Honorable Mentions: 2004 - Bohemia. To be honest, I am one of those people that doesn't mind singing in drum corps when used effectively. The Seasons of Love was extremely lovely to hear and I think for a 2004 show, it was pretty ahead of its time. 2017 - It Is. That brass had to be one of the best books every written in the history of drum corps. I think that if the designers were to really hone in on the idea and if the guard was better, it would have won. The singing was a nice touch as well. Least Favorite: 2018 - Beast. The idea just never caught on with me. I feel like the show itself didn't really flow and overall it was just really flat and boring. The brass was stunning and the percussion was the best it had been up to that point but the overall show design just wasn't it for me. 2011 - Rach Star. Similar to Beast, this idea just never caught my eye. I like the concept of mixing popular rock songs with classical pieces but it just doesn't click with me. Brass is great as always but I personally feel like they've put out better shows. Don't judge me too harshly. I've loved Crown since I heard of drum corps and I always will. Even while I'm currently contracted at Phantom Regiment, my hometown love will never change.
  2. This is coming from a 2020 member's perspective: I am currently supposed to be marching at Phantom Regiment this year. We've made a ton of progress and our program is something no one has seen before. This would also be my rookie year in drum corps, an activity I have been a fan of since 2012. I understand the potential threat that is COVID-19; however, I don't want this season to go to waste. While ultimately it is not up to my discretion what happens to the season, I would say that I share a similar opinion with others. There's a chance all of this could be over soon. How soon I can't say, but there is always a chance. The decision to cancel the 2020 season would spark chaos across organizations, as they all struggle to meet financial recovery from losing thousands of dollars in revenue. The same would be said for Drum Corps International losing thousands in ticket sales, as well as FloMarching for losing money in useless subscriptions. Extending the age-out limit would probably not solve the problem, as well. Many of those who are aging out most likely can't do it past their final year, whether for work, school, or other reasons. It would give some the chance to make up for the loss that would be this year, but it wouldn't apply to many others. As for me, when I age out, I wouldn't be able to go on, due to my future as a music educator. I would be going straight into teaching, similar to many of those who do march. On the other side, rookies like me can testify that this year has seen some tremendous growth in each corps. Speaking from my perspective, I have never felt more welcomed into a group like the Phantom Regiment. They have given me a family of 153 other members that I can come to for anything. To say losing this family by not marching this summer would be devastating is an understatement. Again, I do understand that the virus itself has lasting impacts on countless situations, such as housing, travel, food, etc. That doesn't say that there won't be a solution to all this in the next month or two. I would GLADLY take a shortened season over a cancelled season if it meant that I would be able to get a taste of this beautiful activity. Marching drum corps has been a dream of mine for years and I have put literal blood, sweat, and tears into making it happen this year. If it is a possibility at all, I would love to see this year come into fruition. Ultimately, it's just too early to tell what will happen. All of this could last months or it could be gone in two. We just don't know. I hope to know a solution in the coming weeks or months about everything, but it's just playing the waiting game. With all of the precautions being placed right now, we'll have to see what the result is. As for me, I'm doing the best I can to stay safe and healthy and I'm keeping my hopes up that everything will work out, one way or another. We will push through this and ultimately come out stronger. Let's just see what happens.
  3. Apparently on the Glassmen facebook page, they announced that they will try hard to have a SoundSport group field in 2017, even though they were supposed to in 2016.