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  1. This is so disappointing the stream turned out this way when every other show has been wonderful
  2. I don't post on this forum often but I view it with frequency. This debate about old versus new happens too often and it's not the fault of the young people. If people truly care about this activity and want to see it around, this type of criticism has to stop. Get out of your safe space that is this forum defending your traditional ideals and embrace the activity or get out of the activity. While it is your and others' right to say the things you say, you're not helping anything, just holding the activity back. BD has been the pioneers of DCI for years and always faces criticism. Now is the t
  3. Maybe the "young people" who view these forums are sick and tired of being criticized for participating in the evolution of an activity we all love equally. Having known CC for years, he is not one to be afraid of sharing is opinion and I have a feeling that the people getting upset about this are the ones who know on the inside he means them. Anytime young people fight back against criticizing old people it's always "agist" and "ungrateful". No, this time it's just correct.
  4. C.C. Waggoner is having none of the "traditionalist" criticism https://twitter.com/nevernetworking/status/878673545550675969
  5. The ballad is giving me a Troopers 2015 vibe and I want to like it but I'm just not sure. Hopefully a completed product will sell better.
  6. Ah just in time for some free candy please and thank you
  7. cAN wE gEt a pLeASe ANd thAnK YOu? but totally please and thank you it's very much appreciated
  8. Blue Devils announce their 2017 program Metamorph http://youtu.be/_E2nsyQQiJo?a
  9. Music for Prague is one of my absolute favorites I'm hyped to hear it in DCI
  10. Bluecoats announce their entire repertoire as Sussudio by Phil Collins https://twitter.com/bluecoats/status/848219648717979648
  11. With Crown 97 being 20 years ago, it seems we have a throwback on our hands