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  1. DCA Streaming order page is live. ORDER NOW!!! PC: Chris Maher
  2. BOX5 will be live streaming championships this year. We are very aware that we haven't made any public announcements. We are working on posting something in the next day or so. We have been trying to get the pricing right. Many of you wanted a combination price instead of our per day price. So we had to work that out and I think we have at this point. We have also been working on a MUCH, MUCH bigger announcement however. With that said, pricing for championships will be as follows: LIVESTREAM PRICING PRELIMS - $39 Includes all prelims corps, Alumni Spectacular and Mini
  3. Well, Box 5 had technical issues and so did I. T-Mobile's data is dead to me right now, literally. Fortunately, I have my Karma hotspot, which is over the Sprint network, and I am now online with that. The downside was that I couldn't post during Cadence's performance and had to run to my car to get my Karma hotspot during Chops, so I wasn't able to cover their performances today. Kevin. We apologize for the technical issues we had... it was out of our control and DCA officials were made aware of the situation. Enjoy the show ! Box5 M
  4. No Jim, It was not just a funny joke... but reality :) Thanks for watching ! Box5 Media
  5. Thanks everyone for who is watching live stream with BOX5 Media. We apologize again for the cuts in the programming. A lady in our area unplugged our power so she could plug in a coffee pot The 2nd time the school blew a fuse because she plugged in the coffee pot into another outlet we were connected too. Thanks for your Patience, Box5 Media
  6. You can check out mini corps on the DCA facebook page, for free!
  7. Friday night is covered under both. Visit the DCA facebook page as well. We will be live streaming to the DCA facebook page tonight. FREE for everyone. ROKU app wasn't quite ready for public consumption. Tim
  8. That's great to hear. When we come up with a time for re-streaming Peckville, we will let you know.
  9. The championship show will be great. Just a little background of what some of you were experiencing with our system. #1 - Anytime you got a countdown on our website, that meant, for some reason you initiated our brute force filters. Those are in place to prevent hacking the system. I am going to look at those and see if I can raise the tolerances. I will post specific procedures on what to do during issues, later this summer. #2 - If you ever got, you are already logged in errors. That is a security measure to only allow one login per account. This more than likely happens wh
  10. In terms of live streaming. We are under the belief based on our understanding of the licenses that we have with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC that we can "LIVE STREAM" any event and music as long as we do our reporting. We WILL NOT be offering this as a VOD, where you click on a performance and it plays (which btw is how Netflix operates, very different in terms of streaming). We will email all of those who purchased and let them know specifics. We believe and so does our counsel, that as long as the show works exactly like a live stream and isn't user initiated it is a live stream.
  11. We will make sure everyone gets to see the shows. AND we record everything.
  12. We can work on a situation to test that. However, it won't be available until August when I can get back from tour.
  13. No, sorry. We are not allowed to with our current licensing.
  14. Hey All, I wanted to start a thread to offer some help with our livestream system. I also wanted to let you know a little about what we are offering this year and how it will be different. I'm willing to answer any and all questions about how and why we are doing certain things. First and foremost, I'm Tim Snyder, president of BOX5 Media and also currently the brass caption head of the Mandarins. Before that, I was the brass caption head of Troopers from 2013-2016 and Oregon Crusaders in 2017. I've worked with Carolina Crown and the Madison Scouts. I also write and work with Cin