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  1. I was previously a Drum Major for an open class corps in 2015. After the season ended I was advised by my Tour Assistant/DM Instructor(Former DCI Drum Major) that with my skill set, I really need to be in a world class corps. For the 2016 season I auditioned for a corps that has its auditions way after every other corps and received a call back for the top 2 finalist. However, I did not receive a contract. Since the corps auditions were during the same weekend as my previous corps, I was not able to audition for my original group. Since I enjoyed the audition experience and fell in love with the corps, I decided to audition again in January of 2017 and received a callback for the next camp. Once again I did not receive a contract. The reason for me not receiving a contract was not due to a lack of skill/leadership, it's just how things ended up working out.
  2. Does anyone have any knowledge of any open Conductor or Drum Major spots?
  3. I auditioned for 2 corps this season(2016) and was very close to receiving the position at my second audition but the other auditionee ended up receiving the position. Since this audition was late in the audition camp season and all corps had selected their DM's by then, I had no choice but to take the season off. I looked for field conductor spots but was unsuccessful.
  4. What are the chances of any corps selecting a rook-out drum major? I've been a Drum Major in DCI before and ended up taking a break for the 2016 season. I am wanting to try out for a couple of corps for the 2017 season(Crossmen/Crown/ Blue Knights) but not sure if it is normal for corps to select 1st year corps rook-outs.
  5. Let's not forget about THE Linda Harvey (Crown)
  6. Anyone have any knowledge of any open Conductor spots?
  7. Does anyone know of any corps that have Drum Major or Field Conductor positions available?