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  1. I don't want to give too much away, but let's just say that Mandarins did something really big last year. And this year, they are doing something even bigger. Much bigger. If they can pull off their vision, I think people will be talking A LOT about this show. Wow. That's enough vague-booking for now. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SEASON TO START!
  2. Heard rumors for a while and now it is confirmed. They weren’t going to have many members, so this makes the most sense, even if it is not what almost anyone wanted.
  3. Mandarins dropped the cymbal line for 2019, it was smart of Pacific Crest to expand! (Have heard most of the cymbal line will be headed to PC)
  4. I don't know if it is official or not, but I heard that the board asked for Scott to resign from the board (once they were made aware of the info listed above) and he did. Can anyone confirm?
  5. When Phantom went co-ed, then back, and then switched to being open to all again, I heard many comments that, at best, were ill-informed and bad humor and, at worst, hate-filled and homophobic.
  6. Please explain why you hope that this is the beginning of a trend?
  7. My heart is breaking for MMs who were subjected to awful treatment (at best) and assualt (at worst), not to mention legitimate safety concerns. There isn't 1 person who marched in 2018 who will come back. That speaks volumes - no matter what your experience was 4 years ago. I still don't understand why we struggle to listen and believe people (especially when they speak in such large numbers).
  8. George Hopkins just posted on FB that he is moving to Milwaukee for a new career opportunity. WTF?!?!
  9. Can confirm that at least one media outlet is working on a story about OC. Yucky yucky yucky news. The stories I have heard are bad. Ugh
  10. They are going to have a hard time filling their guard. Not just with strong performers, but literally having enough people audition to fill spots. There will likely be news in the next few weeks. I would absolutely love it if I was wrong (who would want any corps to not do well!?!) but from all that I have heard, it's going to be a pretty big hill to climb.
  11. This is perhaps one of the craziest things said on DCP this year. So simply having a rotating stage causes a corps to rise 3 spots? Why haven't other corps figured this out yet? If your comment was so offensive to the staff and MMs of Mandarins, I would be laughing all day.
  12. If you are more upset at a MM bringing more attention to a staff member who raped those in his organization than a Corps Director who engaged in decades of sexual abuse, than you are part of the problem.
  13. BOLD PREDICTIONS SCV and BD will finish 2nd and 3rd (or 3rd and 2nd) Blue Stars, Cavaliers and Phantom Regiment will drop in placement Cadets, Mandarins and Crossmen will rise in placement Madison Scouts will finish lower (I write that with a heavy heart) 1 World Class corps will go inactive for 2019
  14. I have heard that a corps that has been on the rise and had a historic season (not to mention a fan favorite show) will have 100% staff retention. This year was NOT a flash in the pan. I know 2018 just ended, but I'm already excited for 2019!!!!
  15. I feel 2 corps were overscored or placed higher. I feel 3 corps were underscored and deserved to place higher. This year is the best year of drum corps in at least 20 years. I hope every MM is embracing and cherishing every moment