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  1. As a bit of an update, there is another investigation going on connected to Spirit of Atlanta. I know some folks are aware, but I know that at least one person who brought forth concerns has asked for nothing to be shared at this time, so I'm going to withhold sharing for now. This investigation is not limited to Spirit and/or drum corps. I'm not vague posting, but I am trying to bring attention that there is more happening that led to this decision/directive for Spirit to suspend operations for 2022. I've moved from shocked to anger to determination to do something the more I learn about how many abusers have been allowed to stay in this activity because people are afraid to "name names" or call organizations out or simply allow folks to "pursue other opportunities." It is sickening.
  2. The rookie talent night is only ONE of a long line of concerns. A member who was repeatedly harassed and eventually assaulted with little to no action of multiple staff. An investigation (which was poorly done) was able to confirm this. Spirit is handling this horribly. They blocked an alumni who was brave enough to share her story after MONTHS of them dragging their feet to enact change. It is continuing a culture where they do not want members to speak up. This is absolutely infuriating. I don’t want to question your intentions, but it feels like you are trying to deflect from what has and is actually happening. By saying “there is another side of the story” it feels as if (hopefully unintentionally) you are victim blaming or saying bad things didn’t happen - especially without ANY proof. If you have any, or if anyone does, please share it. Otherwise, please don’t take light away from serious problems that just be addressed.
  3. Spirit has been un-invited to host their camp at Atlanta Academy this weekend. I’m not sure how Spirit will be able to host any camps this year at school facilities. There are multiple folks who will notify the school of these incidents and probation status with DCI. I believe it took one email to Atlanta Academy for this weekends camp to be cancelled. If you were planning to march Spirit this summer, I would find another corps ASAP.
  4. DCI has responded. https://dci.org/news/dci-statement-january-9-2022 NOTHING from Spirit.
  5. Spirit is deleting comments and untagging themselves on social media posts.
  6. Current and past members of Spirit are now attacking and harassing the person who shared their experience of being assaulted and not supported. Anyone engaging that behavior should not be allowed to March in any corps. Spirit needs to respond. Atlanta media has been made aware of this situation and I know at least one reporter has made initial inquiries. ugh
  7. This is beyond upsetting. When will corps be held accountable? the post below has been shared on Reddit:
  8. We need to talk about the lack of batons, featured twirlers, and majorette lines. This is the year to bring them back. I predict that 2021 will be the year of the baton. Embrace the baton, DCI. Do better.
  9. Although much is unknown about what the state of COVID will be in the late spring and summer, one thing is certain: most schools will not allow a large group of out-of-town young adults to rehearse or sleep in their gym. Hard stop. Many schools aren't even allowing in-district activities to take place. Anyone who thinks that this summer can happen, even in a modified form, is dreaming. I absolutely love Drum Corps I'm on also on a school board. I would not support or allow any drum corps to use our facilities. The risk, although much less than the past year, is still too high.
  10. For those that aren’t aware, there have been a wide range of issues the Troopers have faced the past few years, which have increasingly become more severe. Why was law enforcement not contacted as soon as a member came forward as being sexually assaulted? All Drum corps staff are mandatory reporters. I’m not sure how they will be able to recruit members until this is addressed. Many music teachers were reluctant to recommend them - and now, many are adamant that they will advise their students to avoid the Troopers.
  11. Yikes. That is how NOT to write a statement. If you didn’t question the leadership of The Troopers before, this press release should seal the deal. This is bad.
  12. MAASIN (Marching Arts Access, Safety, and Inclusion Network) has released a report on concerning allegations at The Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps The report can be seen at www.MAASIN.net Edited title to better reflect the contents in the report edited to correct web address (thanks JimF-LowBari
  13. A majority of California high schools do not have marching band. Outside of a few major programs, there aren't many school with marching bands.
  14. I don't want to kick something that is already beaten up, but... Every time you donate anything to The Cadets or YEA, you are helping subsidize the settlement they made with George Hopkins, who did awful things to too many people. There are many other corps around who have protected children and youth are who are more deserving of your money. I am truly sorry if that hurts anyone, but it is the truth.
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