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  1. A majority of California high schools do not have marching band. Outside of a few major programs, there aren't many school with marching bands.
  2. I don't want to kick something that is already beaten up, but... Every time you donate anything to The Cadets or YEA, you are helping subsidize the settlement they made with George Hopkins, who did awful things to too many people. There are many other corps around who have protected children and youth are who are more deserving of your money. I am truly sorry if that hurts anyone, but it is the truth.
  3. I know most of the country feels this way, but Northern California gets completely hosed when it comes to the DCI tour. Think of this: BD, SCV, and Mandarins are all located within 2.5 hours of each other and represent one-forth of World Class finalists the past two years. We only get TWO world-class shows! (Spoiler alert, there are some changes coming this year - the former Stockton/SOME show which was moved to Sacramento last year is no longer. A "new" show is taking its place, which is more "earlier" than "new." I want finals in California again. Sigh. I know, it won't h
  4. The challenge with that statement is that the overwhelming majority of caption head and design team staff openings aren't advertised - there is no merit-based system for recruitment, selection, and hiring. You can't be hired if you aren't asked. It's literally the old-boys network. And for those asking why pick on the Blue Stars? Fair question. It was the first corps I noticed who have listed all of their caption heads and design team - have others? If so, I would gladly compile a list. Wasn't there a committee of women in DCI working on this exact issue? I will gladl
  5. Wow. People get super uncomfortable when inequality is pointed out. Reminds me of that quote... "When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression." The state of California finally passed a law forcing organizations to address sexist and discriminatory behavior. The state now requires all publicly-held corporations whose principal executive offices are in California to have at least one female director on their boards by Dec 31, 2019. This law will soon apply to non-profit corporations. There is a big difference between a BOD and governance, but are y'all act
  6. I find it rather disappointing (to put it mildly) that the Blue Stars do not any female caption heads or any women serving on the design team. Yikes. Is it 2019 or 1949?
  7. Two separate, but related thoughts from “things” happening right now. 1. A lot of people moving around California, but not leaving the state. 2. There have been some interesting conversations taking place in Las Vegas this weekend. If you are friends with folks on social media, you can probably put the pieces together. Not trying to vaguebook, but respecting the process the corps have laid out. While I’m a wee disappointed in a few things, I think almost all changes are for the better. (I think).
  8. Wow! Such a great discussion. Thanks everyone for voting and sharing your thoughts. I think DCA will have a very hard path to survival/viability if it remains a strictly NE activity.
  9. It feels like DCA has been on a down-slide for the past few years. After the way the Renegades were treated (another topic, for another day), I stopped paying much attention to DCA. I was rather shocked to see how few corps are still competing in DCA. It looks like everyone who goes to championships will make finals? Wha?!?! Unless something major changes, I don't see much of a future for DCA. Am I wrong? Share your thoughts!
  10. Hoping the rumors about a warm-up penalty are not true. NOT ON FINALS NIGHT. ugh. Please be a bad rumor, please be a bad rumor!
  11. I don't want to speak poorly or out of turn or throw shade, but I don't see how this show is currently in 9th place. It just doesn't make sense. I am seriously confused how they are scoring ahead of Mandarins. Maybe the judges will see it how so many others do tonight!
  12. Take the poll! I picked all "under-dog" things, things that would be considered surprises.
  13. Instead of a hot dog corps, how about a hot dog poster? There are several folks on here who I would gladly skip!
  14. The gap between The Cadets and Mandarins makes as much sense as fat free cream cheese.
  15. SCV had so many brilliant moments!!! So much talent!! im scared to say this, but I have Crown over SCV. The Drum Corps awesome-o-meter is seriously off the charts tonight.
  16. Dear Sweet Jesus, That Crown show made me find you. Can I get an AMEN up in here!?! That performance was a thing of beauty!!!
  17. There are several current members who do not identify as male. The corps has rallied around them. The new “all inclusive Scouts” policy has been a wonderful turn of events for them. (The kids today do not view gender as black and white as old folks do). The Scouts of 2019 are not the “bastion of masculinity” that some thing the Scouts of 1987 were. Time change. Let’s stop bashing and start cheering! Have a great end of tour, Scouts!
  18. I totally hear you. Last year, Mandarins drew the last spot in their grouping EVERY time. It was crazy! So maybe this year is balancing out last year?
  19. Mandarins were underscored on brass. I cant help but think the “legacy” of the the Cadets is helping them with their score. It’s not matching with what’s on the field.
  20. The Mandarins show definitely has some room for some surprises at finals. <Ducks and covers; secrecy has be sworn, and the author isn’t snitchin’!”
  21. WOW WOW WOW Mandarins beat The Cadets! Hears the crowd went crazy for the Mandarins and the show rocked!!!