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  1. As someone who is marching this show I'll just say this. We are certainly working our tails off but man is this show fun.
  2. I marched with a guy in Music City in 2017 that we all (baritones) called Skeletor. Because he was angry all the time at something, and was super skinny.
  3. To my knowledge, Crown is still fielding 16 tubas. Can't say for 100% certain but I haven't heard anything to suggest only 12.
  4. Edit: I've made the line! I'm incredibly excited and will tell y'all now you guys are in for an awesome year from Crown.
  5. Here's my $0.02. I just came to the end of Corps X's brass audition process for the 2019 season. How it works there, is you have to go to two camps before it's possible to be offered a spot. This applies to vets as well, meaning NOBODY is guaranteed a spot by the end of November Camp. (Save returning Drum Majors and other either returning or previously appointed leadership). In December Camp, contracts start being given. However, the vast majority of these December contracts are going to vets, though there are some going to promising rookies. At this camp, everyone not receiving a contra
  6. Camp went quite well. Auditioning on Baritone. Hornline is sounding great for November. Bet it will sound even better in December with people practicing at home for spots; myself included! Saw great things from perc and guard too! The new visual staff: Wow. I know all I've got to compare is Music City experience, but dang. The instruction was concise, and VERY efficient. I've never been taught how to march straight leg so easily and relaxed. Same can be said on posture. Excited for December camp!
  7. Because nobody has said it yet: Finally a DCI Show in Memphis! I've been saying for years how great the Liberty Bowl would be for DCI.
  8. Update: The spot offer is actually for an alternate spot. But, I have still decided I'm going. Thanks you guys.
  9. I initially decided to take the summer off for my health, as it was in a decline around February and March, so I terminated my contract with MCDC on March 1st. However, my health has gotten exponentially better since then. I feel I would be ready.
  10. Hello all. As some of you know, I marched Music City in 2017 on baritone. This year however, I planned on taking off. But my home corps, Music City has offered me a spot in the baritone section again for this season to fill a hole, but at a cost of $1000. I would be starting July 3. I want to know some of your thoughts on this; would you take the spot if it were you?
  11. As a 2017 MCDC member, now contracted for 2018, I think I can safely say that all the vets from 2017 are VERY excited for this season. It looks like we're having a pretty good retention of vets coming back this year! I'm very happy to be with this corps, scores and placement aside. On another note, I've noticed our tour schedule is not in here! Here it is: June 27 - Evansville, INJune 30 - Philadelphia, PAJuly 5 - Clifton, NJ July 7 - Columbia, SC July 8 - Orlando, FL July 10 - Valdosta, GA July 11 - Hoschton, GA July 12 - Knoxville, TN July 14 - Alexandria, KY July 15 -
  12. Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but Music City has confirmed (although not very publicly) that the corps will get new uniforms for the corps' 10th anniversary.
  13. Nuts4DC, I'm very sorry the situation upset you. But, I must say, while you are right about the protocol of when to leave the field, the field staff did not say to clear the field until after we had played the Tennessee Waltz. We then left accordingly. If by some chance we were still in the wrong, I will say on behalf of Music City, that we meant no malice, only to celebrate such a wonderful season for this corps by playing our corps song in dedication to Finis. From a baritone player in Music City's 2017 corps, with much respect.
  14. I see where you're coming from. Although, I think it should be noted that MCDC, since 2014, has been steadily maintaining full tours; this year, we have 20, whereas last year the corps had about 13ish. Again, I'm incredibly biased, so take with a grain of salt.
  15. One thing is for sure, that this is the best horn line that MCDC has ever seen, as almost half of last year's vets are in the corps this year. (huge comeback ratio for an OC corps) Staff is also sure that the color guard is also the best that the corps has seen. That being said, everyone is definitely expecting MCDC to make their highest ever score so far this season. A lot of vets are saying we just might place right under BDB and SCVC at OC Finals. I can't say anything about placement, but I can almost guarantee this will be the best MCDC yet.
  16. Actually, the bari line you hear in the beginning of the opener is a solo. The soloist just has not been decided yet. It will most likely be our section leader. :P
  17. Unfortunately, no, the '16 euph soloist isn't in the corps this year, due to some leg problems he has.
  18. As a MCDC '17 Lead Bari, I can attest to that. :P For real though, there is great improvement in this entire corps this year alone, as my 3-star (3 year vet, about to be 4) section leader is saying that the attitude, ambition, and raw talent in the corps is tremendously improved from last year. There's a lot of factors why that is, and probably the biggest part of it is staff changes. With a 5 year Bluecoat 2016 Age-Out as our visual caption head, we're gonna look a lot better than the corps did last year. Sorry for my bias-fueled comment, but I honestly felt I had to say something for my corp
  19. this thread is super old, but it's really cool to me, so here (warning, I'm majorly a fan of the 2010s); 1. 3-WAY-TIE: Cadets 11, Blue Devils 14, and Bluecoats 16 2. Carolina Crown 15 3. Bluecoats 15 4. Carolina Crown 11 5. Santa Clara Vanguard 09 6. Cavaliers 14 7. Phantom Regiment 14 8. Boston Crusaders 13 9. Madison Scouts 13 10. Crossmen 16 11. TIE: Spirit of Atlanta 13, and Academy 16 12. Crossmen 12
  20. Still, it looked very much that Crown would take the gold on finals night, yet BD prevailed.
  21. Perhaps the show wasn't emotional, but for the Blue Devils, it might have been an emotional season. Placing 4th in prelims, but 1st in finals, after Crown got 1st in both prelims and semis? Sounds a lot like Phantom beating out BD on Finals night in 2008.