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  1. What will BK bring to the table next year? We may be about to find out... "To say the Blue Knights have hit the ground running for the 2017 season would be an understatement! We are in a full out sprint!!! Incredible work done by the designers and caption heads this weekend as we all met in Denved. Some truly inspiring individuals I have the pleasure of working with. Keep an eye out for a show announcement coming very soon.... I am beyond excited!!" - BK Assisstant Director, Jordan Helwerda
  2. Absolutely was not for are just trying to find ways to hate BK...
  3. Huge surge from BK, and they didn't have their best run. Proud of those kids, they have an awesome show to work with. (Also the head Drum Major is amazing)
  4. For all those who haven't seen the Blue Knights show, they are doing a lot of difficult choreography, that nowhere near as easy as requires an intense amount of emotion and dancing skills that other corps don't have to learn, but the end product will be soooo worth it
  5. you can't really believe that BK are just lazing around in the field while everyone else is working hard...
  6. BK had half a show...they should be happy with that result
  7. The Blue Knights have a 5 year vet, 2 year vet, and two rookies as DMs and they decided to put her on point and on the 50 yard line...beating out the other three, if that's not talent, I don't know what is.
  8. I assumed this was a discussion of the Best DMs in Drum Corps
  9. Sarah Jones, a brand new, 17 year old DM from BK.
  10. I don't understand the BK show announcement being in last...I think that's more than a little unfair. Just like last year, BK are trying to create an organic show that builds over the course of the season, not "HERE IS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW AND STUFFS". The show may seem a little fuzzy right now because they have not talked about an entire part of the show design (trust me it's cool)...for a hint, have you wondered why "Oh what a lovely night that would be" is backwards all the time? BK design team are onto something, let it evolve...
  11. This was yesterdays snapchat story, but I can't figure out how to upload a screenshot, looks to be black faded to silver sparkles.
  12. You will see a lot of '14/'15 with a little something else ;)
  13. They are not going back to the new uniforms.