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  1. Saw Crown in Broken Arrow tonight. They came in 4th behind SCV, BD and Bloo. Have to add/change GE to have a chance to medal.
  2. I got to see the show in Broken Arrow tonight. OMG Crown! Fantastic brass and wonderful show. So glad I went.
  3. I'm a retired band director from tx. It does my heart and soul wonders to see what our youth are capable of producing. Carolina Crown is the epitome of excellence. Congratulations on an outstanding season and may there be MANY more to come! I loved the ending handhold. Thankyou for making my summer.
  4. I was just through there this past weekend. Had to to
  5. OMG...I've got Roxanne going around in my head and it's only June.
  6. Give him a moment... He'll get there.