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  1. What are y'all smoking? They spell "hide" during their final movement, where they play Hide and Seek. Don't think too hard about this one.
  2. Why does a 50th anniversary mean an immediate jump? I've seen that comment very often this year with SCV yet nobody has explained why. Look at what happened to Boston with their 75th anniversary show. I'd love to see SCV do well, but I'm gonna wait till summer to predict them any higher than 4/5th.
  3. Hey, uhhh I don't think you're supposed to post stuff like this on here. Cool vid though.
  4. Well you probably didn't have a 20 year old food truck.
  5. Just talked with a friend who's at BK (brass). I'm hearing that they'll have all music at March camp and that they'll be starting drill in April. I hope it's true. If so, then that's great news.
  6. So quiet out here. Anybody know how BK is doing?
  7. I couldn't rank my picks, too hard. This is my list for cool initial first hits, no matter how long it took to arrive. 1989, 2011, 2013!!, 2015 Cadets 1995, 1996!!, 2010, 2015 Scouts Frameworks , 2006, 2010 Cavies 1989, 2014 SCV (1989 was a great year for DCI) 2009-2015 Blue Devils (mostly '12 and '14) 2010, 2015!!, 2016 Bluecoats 2016 Blue Knights (sounded VERY hard to achieve. I'm not sure if there's something as atonal and nightmarish than this, twas unique.) 2010, 2012, 2013, 2016!! Carolina Crown I know I'm missing a bunch of stuff, old and
  8. Haha that looks like Crown's shakos. Or whatever the heck you call those open-top things.
  9. Ok, gotcha. I guess I just considered anything with a plume to be a shako.
  10. Ok, then please explain the difference between a helmet and shako (not being sarcastic). I must've really triggered y'all, I got 3 different replies.
  11. I could choke my cat and she would make better sounds than Southern U.
  12. Yes, I was definitely pointing out the fact that a January prediction is way too early, just wanted to spicen it up a bit ;)
  13. Drum Corps is crazy already, we fit right in!
  14. I'll consider that in the future. I think think Crown is best (in terms of cleanliness, musicality, technique, blah blah) but nowadays where GE wins titles I think I'd have to put BD and Coats for the 1 and 2 spot. For now...
  15. Hasn't been a prediction post since Christmas. Here goes nothing. 1&2. BD/Coats 3. Crown 4. SCV 5. Cavs 6. BK 7. Cadets 8. Stars 9&10. PR/Boston 11. Academy 12. Crossmen JUST THROWING IT OUT THERE. Let me know if I'm crazy or not haha.
  16. I heard rumors of several groups doing the no-headgear look. I personally think it's great, and can open up a new path for performances and performance energy.