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  1. It's #### like this that reminds me to stay miles away from this cesspool. I would love to see you craft a drum corps score that will excel incredibly well, please the audience and win a championship. You can have your own opinion. Let others have their own.
  2. Hi again, was at the Chester show....they should be scoring higher.
  3. Don't post here often anymore but possibly my final post. Regardless of the public's opinion of our now gone organization leader, his actions will not change what or who we are. We are Cadets through and through. We will go on for countless years to come. Congratulations to our new YEA CEO Sean King. Let's have another wonderful year. LSTTV FHNSAB
  4. Lol a recent age outs opinion is invalid compared to one who still marches. I'm 20 and The Cadets are still good.
  5. Since I'm one of ,"the young(not for long)" it comes down to where one thinks they may enjoy themselves the most, perform for crowds that will respond highly to their show, meet people that have similar interests, learn by great staff members. Have a caring group of admins that make sure certain things come first before others. Main thing, shows. I love the Cadets but people within my age range grew up in highschool seeing The Cadets of 2008-2015. Many friends now march there and love their show but one thing is for sure, they want to defy the naysayers. People that march Cadetasdon't just want to win or be the new bando circlejerk corps. Personally I think they just need a good vehicle that will invoke the responses they're seeking, the 2017 closer was glorious but compared to the top 6 shows they had multiple portions of their shows that gave such a response from the crowd. But what do I know, I should go ageout.
  6. He does chime in for C2 but it's mostly Rich and Caption heads that decide things there. This year for them just felt like an 80s throwback and that's perfectly fine, it was fairly a simple gift.
  7. I know they're two different circuits but I've always wondered why the Cadets shows are always trying to tell a story vs. Cadets2 who perform less literal shows and place better. A minimalistic Cadets show that isn't telling a complex story would be great. Or a show with a title/theme and that's it.
  8. These yearly wishlists are hilarious. 1.BD 2.Cavaliers 3.Crown 4.SCV 5.Cadets 6.Bloo 7.Boston 8.Blue Stars 9.Blue Knights 10.Phantom 11.Madison 12.Crossmen
  9. Striving for excellence is different from simply winning. You obviously don't understand assuming you were never a Cadet like the few that do post here.
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