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  1. 1 Bluecoats 91.550 2 Blue Devils 91.175 3 Carolina Crown 89.500 4 The Cavaliers 88.600 5 Blue Knights 84.550 6 Crossmen 82.500 7 Phantom Regiment 80.750 8 Spirit of Atlanta 80.050 9 Colts 78.000 10 Troopers 75.200 11 Madison Scouts 74.150
  2. There are a lot of "hidden gems" in this show.
  3. Thank you for the review. I'm glad you focused on the use of props (good and could be better). Effective use of props will be rewarded. If you get a chance look at Genesis. I love how they use their props.
  4. They list quite a lot of assets, so their net deficit does not look too large, but I cannot figure out what kinds of assets they have that would offset their net liabilities.
  5. Their latest 990 (from I think March 2018 ... but it is only a 3 month year due to a change in accounting years) looks like there is quite a bit of debt.
  6. I'm not sure, the more I think about it. How does her desire to do BOTW, differ in kind, from what the designers of the Bluecoats did. The decided they wanted to do a Beatles show very early on. Like a year in advance.
  7. I don't know and have not had trouble with Flo on my TV via ROKU. But, both today and yesterday, as I was watching "The Open" on my iMac (and Chrome) I had they same kinds of things happen. Screen would freeze and I would have to re-log in.
  8. Here, let me fix the rest for you. What I said was to take a step back and sit down (i.e., pass the torch and watch). That does not prevent folks from voicing their concerns (here, at Board meetings, at alumni get togethers, into the void, wherever), but it does imply that they open up seats on the Board of Directors and upper-administrative roles for new and younger folk to take charge of the organization. It also implies, as I explicitly stated, that they are welcome as motivational speakers and to pass on institutional knowledge from their time with the corps. However, that is a big difference than actually running the day-to-day activities of the corps. Elvord came and spoke while I was there in 2007-2009. It was great. He was not in charge. One of the best alumni, who has now passed, donated a steak dinner every year and would come, watch rehearsal, say hello, and eat with us. That was about it (he was also usually more interested in talking about his time flying P-51's in WWII than his days in the corps as I recall). He did not need to do more, that was more than enough. Another great alumni family runs a Piggly Wiggly, and whenever the corps was in their hometown (usually for a 4th of July parade and show) they would host the corps for a bbq. Those are great things, but they did not involve themselves in actively running the day-to-day of the corps. Some may also have been on the Board at different times and or donated various sums of money over the years. That is what I am suggesting. Continue supporting the organization, or do not, but it is time for folks to allow for a transfer of power to the younger, newer generations that are more in tune with the activity as it currently exists. Dann marched in the mid to late nineties, over 20 years ago now. Chris marched in the mid 80s, even further back. Folk who marched in the early 2000s are in the prime of their careers and should be given the opportunity to direct the organization. I could list a whole bunch who I think would be great at it (but many may have no interest, or, like myself, are in areas of employment outside of or removed from the activity/music education/music as a whole). I also do not think it needs to be limited to people who are alumni of the organization. The real issue it seems is getting people who want to do so, and making it worth their while. Now I can read it. I think you have something valuable to say. Spending a few extra "Returns" may help you.
  9. I absolutely love the way they use their props. I think they really get it. Great show. I hope Genesis continues to grow and succeed.