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  1. Is up and running.
  2. I just had my physical today and was asked twice if I had/wanted a flu shot. Missed it the last 72 years, will probably miss next year as well. Worked well for my parents who both passed away at 94, but not from the flu. (As an aside, my wife had her physical today, and was told they didn't even have the +65 version, so their request was a bit moot.)
  3. I would bet an even larger amount of money that the Blue Coats will have no one to audition. Now, the Bluecoats, may.
  4. This is winning for the Bluecoats. And the audience knew it.
  5. Thank you for closing this topic. or at least getting rid of the offending postings.
  6. You may know more than I, but I think both Kevin and Ike think of themselves as percussionists and I still think that qualifies as music and their titles seem to indicate they are on the music side. But again, you may know more than I.
  7. 1. Blue Devils. Scott Chandler, visual guy VISUAL 2. Bluecoats. Dean Westman, music guy MUSIC 3. Santa Clara Vanguard. Scott Koter, music guy (though I'd suspect the most influential voice on the design staff is Michael Gaines, visual guy) MUSIC 4. Carolina Crown. Rick Subel, visual guy VISUAL 5. Cavaliers. David McGrath, music guy MUSIC 6. Boston Crusaders. Keith Potter, visual guy VISUAL 7. Blue Knights. Kevin Shah, music guy (though indoor percussion guy) MUSIC 8. Blue Stars. Michael Shapiro, visual guy VISUAL 9. The Cadets. Darcie Aungst, visual person VISUAL 10. Mandar
  8. Just a note on the meals. The corps usually feed staff and volunteers as well. So the calculations should be closer to 200 mouths to feed.
  9. I'll predict that you will see little, if any, changes at Bluecoats.