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  1. I think this song would be a great addition to a show, especially from 3:40 to the end. Maybe a ballad/closer.
  2. Sean Phelan and Mark Trulson to be Co-Brass Caption Heads with Scott Carr as Assistant Caption Head for Madison Scouts
  3. Sean Phelan and Mark Trulson to be Co-Brass caption heads with Scott Carr being assistant caption head
  4. This news has been posted on the staff change thread, but Scott Oliver is out as Brass Caption Head in order to pursue his graduate degree. In my opinion, he was a very good teacher. Can't wait to see who they bring in to replace him.
  5. The members did their makeup by themselves all summer
  6. Might I add that out of 150 members, they had 109 rookies and still made finals!
  7. It went unnoticed since it was only added for the finals performance, but the guard member who won the battle at the end of the show brought out the sword from '97 during the last note of the program. I love that they did this because even though the show's "hidden meaning" was to depart from what Scouts used to be, they still included things such as the Fleur and hat bow, even paying an homage to the 20 year old show by bringing out the sword. That right there shows that even though they're moving forward from what they used to be, they still have great respect for the many men who marched be
  8. A few minutes ago I stumbled upon the VERY exciting 1992 version of City of Angels by the Madison Scouts. While watching the show, I noticed something (other than this being one of the few times where the rehash was better than the original). I noticed that after the big drumline break near the end of the show, the camera shows the crowd and a good number of them are on their feet going wild. Now I'm not a percussionist so I wouldn't know what a REALLY clean drumline sounds like, but they must have been pretty good to get an ovation like that. Afterwards, it hit me, I've never seen a drumline
  9. Looks like a corps is finally gonna play an endless amount of runs and it won't be unnecessary because that's how that certain song actually goes. Lol Needless to say, BD playing Flight of the Bumblebee has me really excited!
  10. I think that after last year they got together and decided that it wouldn't hurt to try something new. Would you rather them do the same thing and look the same repeatedly and eventually become irrelevant or see them branch out into something fresh and new with the possibility of climbing back up, even if it means actually making finals.
  11. I might be wrong, but I think BD's Re:Rite of Spring was a no ballad show. At least I didn't hear anything ballad like.
  12. I think this would be a great ballad/closer to have on the field.
  13. I've been noticing many people say that drum corps are turning into "glorified marching bands" but in my opinion they're turning more into an outdoor version of WGI what with the changes in uniform style, more choreography, etc.. Any thoughts or opinions on this?