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  1. Is the Fri still available? I’d like it. Feel free to PM me or email me defeldus gmail
  2. Have a great seat for prelims, but still need a fri/sat seat. If you have anything close to field level (100/200/300) please let me know.
  3. That’s the leadership award and she absolutely deserved it.
  4. BAC’s wave tarps at the end aren’t new and they certainly didn’t debut a 100k prop anywhere lol
  5. Is lucas oil allowing bags this year? Don't want to leave my camera bag/laptop in the car if I can bring it in.
  6. Have a great finals week Crown. I'll be about 8 rows back screaming for every big hit.
  7. Hope all is well with guard, seems some sickness or something is preventing a full performance tonight.
  8. Crowd response in order from the 100s: SCV Crown BD then everyone else a fair bit below those three. Even Bloo got a tepid response compared to the previous three.
  9. I guess the mics we’re having issues live too because I didn’t notice singers until the end. They’re really awkward when they march very stiffly with no instrument.
  10. Wow I would switch third and first but the rest I agree with
  11. Thank god someone finally said it. Protect the members and staff from sexual harassment, not vague words about safety.
  12. They have an entire other piece not finished yet yeah
  13. Go Crown! cant wait to see the closer holy moly
  14. Wow Cavies! Best show in ages. Ending was weak but I’m sure that’s not the end.
  15. Blue Devils: we do jazz and chairs Bloo: hold my beer
  16. Best program from Bloo since Tilt easily. Vocalist was amazing and the music was great start to finish.
  17. Bloo doubling down on their style from last year, wow
  18. Boston easily better this year overall. I found 17 to be a little gimmicky but this program is a more complete package. Would have liked a little less use of the fire effect for a more prominent call back without overdoing it.
  19. I do not like those wobbly ladders with kids hanging in the hinges 7 ft off the ground. Jesus.