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  1. yeah, i'm still not sure why they don't just show all 20 corps in the cinema events. it normally would have been 17 so you take a longer break between the 10-11 corps and you can show them all...but i'll still be in my comfy seat
  2. indeed vanguard had the theme announced...the latest info was audition information, not what they were playing....which IMO isn't quite the same. took some time, but found the link...SCV 2009 will present "Clue"
  3. i didn't know the basketball team was on the field (the corps was called Magic of Orlando), all kidding aside, they didn't have a cadets corps...they were one corps. that's kinda the point of this thread i do believe...it's not that these corps couldn't compete and be successful as world class corps, but that it is not the purpose of these corps to try to do so. as far as those that age-out of cadets corps, it may not be that the corps is loosing sight of the mission, it could just be that the member does not quite have the talent to make it in the "A" corps, but does very well where they are
  4. could they? absolutely...earlier in the season, i might not have said so but they have made huge improvements over the last month and the show is really progressing nicely. it will be a great "fight" for all corps come thursday and i can't wait.
  5. i think it's more likely that BDC will attend championships than that would ever happen (of course neither would happen)
  6. it's the same with Vanguard Cadets and Colt Cadets...their function is not to move up into world class, their function is to provide a quality learning experience for their members, most of who probably aspire to move into the "A" corps of their organizations. yes, BDB was great last night but i wouldn't say they are top 15. possibly 18th, but might not even be that. (and yes i do know that SCVC competed in div i three times under the old rules, but it was never the intention to go div i)
  7. i know the DCW online review of the Madison show lists the numbers and none are 150 http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/content/view/3535/64/ upon reading again, Crown was highest with 149...most seem to be about mid-130's to mid-140's and it should be mentioned that it was the end of June (some holes could be plugged by now, although all but three corps had holes in Atl.)
  8. i'm going out on a limb to say that INT will be soooo good in quarterfinals competition that they will get to perform twice!!
  9. i had emailed asking to clarify that and got no response...guess we finally got it
  10. i wouldn't call Stanford a regional...but this brings up an interesting question. since the power of DCP has recently been flexed by finding out how the lineup was going to be released, and the recent discussions on "regional" and "full touring corps"...perhaps DCI should again be lobbyed to finally bring an end to the confusion and define these terms once and for all. i would wonder though if, instead of emailing DCI about this, mass emails to every world class corps director (who would need to decide anyways) would be more sufficient since if they see enough people are wondering it might fo
  11. not quite...they post simply what the corps' press release says. i know this because i emailed to update the listing from when i marched and that was the response i received.
  12. WWBW sells herald trumpets in Bb and C, so different keyed horns can probably be obtained from the manufacturers
  13. no, they corrected the other mistake that said 100th Anniversary of the birth of Leonard Bernstein...nothing about the mistake about WSS which will turn 51 on September 26 (from www.westsidestory.com)
  14. interesting how a slight change in the numbers changes where they lie. I used the evening scores from SA/Atl, and here's what I got (only going to three decimal places): 1. Blue Devils 92.425 2. Cavaliers 91.819 3. Carolina Crown 90.919 4. Phantom Regiment 90.831 5. Cadets 90.144 6. Santa Clara Vanguard 87.244 7. Bluecoats 87.244 8. Blue Knights 83.713 9. Boston Crusaders 83.150 10. Blue Stars 82.150 11. Glassmen 81.394 12. Madison 79.663 13. Colts 79.619 14. Crossmen 79.231 15. Spirit 78.988 16. Pacific Crest 76.794 17. Troopers 76.550 18. Aca
  15. watching the show last night, i commented that this is what the A corps used to be...just a great show and they will defintely have a great finish.