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  1. I'm late in reply, so sorry if this has been addressed. I think there would be problems arguing about what is "key".
  2. (late post, I know) I am really randomly stoked for Robert W. Smith to be with the Colts this season! I've generally really enjoyed his work with the Troopers (and of course his regular concert work). The Colts have honestly been doing really solid work since 2014 (in my opinion). Who knows who'll bring the secret ingredient that makes the special sauce for a Colts Finals performance. I'm just happy to see one of my favorite arrangers working with one of my favorite groups! 🙂 Yay drum corps!
  3. Sad about the cancellation. I know a few age outs who are very sad not to have played their corps song tonight. But what can you do?
  4. Do it up Colts! Show everyone that you're in the mix!
  5. I still think those shoes are a liability for BS. I guess the judges dont seem to agree. #OhWell
  6. I'm ok with the new 'costumes', but also am a sucker for more traditional uniforms. Hate: Boston, Madison, Phantom Love: Crossmen, Colts, Mandarins, and CADETS I'm not sold on the SVC top, but I love their pants. I think a misshaped ausie would look great with that uniform tbh.
  7. I tried to not say anything... but it's one thing for a group to talk about their own struggles, and it's another to degrade someone else's group to talk about 'examples' of mistakes/or failures.. THAT, I won't stay quiet for...
  8. I need to stop going to that thread... The last few times I've posted there, I've made a few Scout enemies...
  9. Same! Also, I know the snare in the pit who keeps the time! So I need to cheer super loud for him every time!
  10. Always! #MFRT #HoldOn I wish I could watch, but flo isn't worth it for me because of my work situation atm.