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  1. I didn't get anything super special from BK yesterday tbh.
  2. I honestly enjoy that show. I don't think it's top 12 quality, but 1000000% something to be proud of!
  3. it's super obvious in person, actually quite distracting in some movements
  4. they light up, flash, and change colors with the movements... hard to see on the stream I guess
  5. are the props lighting up? They did last night... maybe it's too early in the show, but I swear they were already lit... maybe we can't see from high cam?...
  6. Pac Crest... Im seriously surprised by their show and talent, but it LITERALLY just focuses around their props too much. Great brass, and guard! Quite excited to see them tonight!
  7. There is no doubt this is an amazing show! I love that Mandarins have this dark identity! Amazing everything!
  8. This is an amazing corps and visual package, but the show just falls flat. I think Phantom and Colts have better packages to take them father... but we'll see Great job Academy, that show is not easy!
  9. This is my first look at Academy! Excited to see what they bring!