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  1. This is awesome. I've seen some brass sections do things...has anyone besides BK included the percussion? Or CG?
  2. Anyone else watching Cadets staff and directors past and present unravel in Scott Litzenberg’s Facebook comment section?!?!
  3. Everyone calm down. This is going to be decided by the voting membership. Those directors are spending hours and hours per day on this. Let's not try to be the first one to be right on this topic. Better to be judicious and protect the performers from the fallout of what might be inevitable. We (adults) need to behave as adults and support long term goals. Let the directors and DCI steer this responsibly.
  4. THIS!!! ALL THIS!!! THIS IS THE ISSUE!!!! George is the constant "bottle of ketchup" that gets poured on to anything they've cooked up once August 1st hits. Turn a Soufflé into a Hop Soufflé - Just add ketchup. Turn a ice cream cone into a Hop ice cream cone - Just add ketchup. Turn Frosted Flakes into Hop Frosted Flakes - Just add ketchup. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting tomatoes in a fruit salad. Get him out of the kitchen (i.e. design team).
  5. As shown in this preseason documentary, The Cadets 2018: A Pre-Retrospective.
  6. Crown Brass Staff is staying what "it is." So is the Visual Staff. I'm sure a tech or two will come and go, but the teams are set.
  7. Well, you said, "if a judge is putting 7 others ahead some commentary as to why is helpful and needed." There's no snark there. Just keeping things in the order they happened. Don't jump too quickly to assign motives. (Now that last one was snarky, but I learned it from you. ) I agree with all of this. This makes total sense. There is one interpretation I'm applying in my reading, though. Feel free to respond if I misunderstood this point: In my reading, "competitive result" is the same as score (i.e. rating). If the intent were that "competitive result" includ
  8. Yeah. I got your point the first time around. I also already spoke to exactly what you said: "The comments reflect achievement, not placement. If you want to understand how they compared to the other drum corps and why there were 7 teams better and many teams worse you should listen to the tapes from the other corps. You cannot derive placement from vocabulary on a single commentary file." So let's get down to brass tacks. Judges don't compare you to another corps on a tape. It's neither appropriate nor practical. I hear what you are saying. I understand your desire for t
  9. Just looking for clarity. Are you saying the judges should be looking at previous recaps and scores? Are you saying they do look at previous recaps and scores? Or are you saying they do both? And are you suggesting that is a healthy or unhealthy practice for the activity? Again, not challenging your statement but I'm simple and sometimes need to get it to yes/no status to get my head around it. LOL.