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  1. There are products for that now. Body glide or Chamois Butt'r.
  2. Sometimes the unit does not "measure" up and its just facts. Its "hard" to blame them for being "fragile" at that point. Sad but not all are created equal.
  3. I can understand that. I am still not getting what was trying to be stated in the post that you replied to about the "delicately hinted". You say it pretty clear for me. I can see where some men would not want to wear these spandex jump suits. People have different feelings and opinions on everything.
  4. Maybe Safety Suit? Costume is a Uniform no? I did not see the use of the term costume as derogatory. Obviously someone did.
  5. Maybe its just the joy of things being cancelled that causes some fog on other potential ramifications?
  6. πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘ Now that we got all the bands cancelled can we move along to cancelling everything else?
  7. I don’t know, but is there something more to term? Are y’all insinuating something else? Me? I like costumes and I like uniforms, could give a rats a@@ whatever other direction you think this was going. Wonder twins activate. watch they will come along soon enough
  8. 2016 was not as bad as I felt in 1988. That was just pure scorching for me. It was a long brutal season in 1988 and then it was capped off by the finals.
  9. I agree they were dirty. Musically I can appreciate that show now.
  10. I should have recorded my 3 nieces reaction to Drum Corps video's on youtube back in 2008 and posted them. 3 Japanese teenagers all played trumpet, and when I showed them drum corps they could not believe it. The activity has been active in Japan for a very long time but they were never able to see it, one day my wife mentioned drum corps and they did not have any idea what it was. Showed them and they become hooked. I was biased and showed them 85 Devils. 87 Garfield and all of BOSTON CRUSADERS that I could find. HAHA.
  11. All this time I did not realize you were active duty. I like to kid or joke with my Navy friends, all the typical old Marine vs Navy stuff. Great to read your post. Thank you for all that you do. I joined in 89 made it to E5 but decided to try my luck at being a nasty civilian!
  12. Not sure if he is a Master Chief but they never go mushy! 🀣
  13. Now that its been more than two years away from bluecoats winning I can appreciate the show. Still not willing to say I was happy they won. But in retrospect the show is a good one.
  14. Alright I thought from your post you had the scoop. No need to get into cursing.
  15. When do you anticipate an announcement? When you all are ready at WGI to release the info please let us all know here at DCP.
  16. Yeah Terri needs to stay. I like the even and sincere content they add here. There is more than one here who try to be the experts on every topic. Totally understand your comments though.
  17. When I first read the "Its also bullbleep" I read it as what USbands Yea were doing to people was bullbleep. Now when you replied I read it as you did. Maybe I am right though and they are thinking Yea and USbands are bullbleep. Not to worry you should have no target as you say, you are reacting to the post.
  18. A few states have done better than others at this point in time.
  19. Right now doing good but the states record is not good at all. Unless you have a different take on the deaths per million or per 100 thousand?
  20. Probably for the best considering how poorly the state handled covid.