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  1. is it just me or is crown the one moving the most? i feel like their always going at 180+ except for the ballad. i dunno might just be me though (they also cover the most field imo)
  2. It’s especially weird because to my knowledge the visual staff didn’t change between now and last year. And drill writing isn’t the issue obviously.
  3. Top 12 + captions. I hope im wrong with the top 3 SCV Blue Devils Crown Boston Bluecoats Cavaliers Cadets Phantom Blue Stars Blue Knights Madison Crossmen Brass: Crown Guard: Devils Percussion: SCV Vis: SCV GE: SCV Dm: Cadets
  4. It looks like Crown will have a 20 member mellophone line this year. I guess that’s where the extra 4 members went..
  5. The TOC Houston show has been moved from the Berry Center to the new 70 million dollar high school stadium in Katy. Should be interesting..
  6. "We’re not going to confirm or deny anything… but you may want to keep an eye on our social media sites and website on Friday #Crown2018" - Twitter feed today.
  7. No, it just means you don't understand it.
  8. To add on to this, I just watched the excerpt from the MRT with their show designers Rick Subel and David Starnes and they mentioned how it is very likely that we will continue to see changes even up to Saturday. Also, they mentioned how one of the core ideas of the show is how it's supposed to be open ended. David stated that he believes it's one of the first drum corps shows where the audience can take their opinions on the design how they want rather and interpreting it how the designers would want you to. It makes sense as it relates to the show title and also as to why there are so many musical and visual ideas going on. Now for my own opinion, I've loved the show since Nation Ford and I've kept loving it more since. I really hope they can close that gap with SCV because another silver medal would be an amazing end to an amazing season. Best of luck Crown!
  9. The hornline does its thing any time she isn't singing.