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  1. I can['t find the original thread, but the CYO 1981 CD is on it's way. You may have even received it by now. Did you?


    1. CHRISP


      Hey Jim.  Got the CD yesterday.  Thank you so much.  Also, thanks for the bonus pics!!

  2. Does this site not accept images from URLs? There's an option that says "Insert image from URL" and I keep trying to put in a URL to an image on Instagram and it won't take it.
  3. Really? I just checked it and it loads. Can you try again? What kind of error message are you getting?
  4. I took this photo in the spring of 1980 in central Florida. This is the horn line of The Ventures, an all-girl drum & bugle cops from Canada. They did a camp in Florida to learn the book. On the far right, dressed in a black t-shirt and cut-off jean shorts (we all wore them back then) is Jim Ott. He's working the horn line with his arrangements. Three months later, Ott would be killed in a car crash while touring with Spirit of Atlanta. https://photos.google.com/search/_tra_/photo/AF1QipOLX-CxstTNTq2GlYYPfp95uz-NWySGnTSqKZb7
  5. Doh! Really? I thought he passed away some years ago. If I'm wrong, I apologize.
  6. Does anyone have any insight into the judge's critique to #MadisonScouts for Muncie, IL? Apart of caption results. What are judges telling them overall to improve their show?
  7. How was the sound quality in terms of volume? Was it loud enough to 'be there?"
  8. Is Jim Elvord to blame? It's not 1974 and cut-off blue jean shorts any more, Jim.
  9. Thanks to FloMarching, we were able to watch the show. (FM is improving their streaming at every show, good for them). Madison came in last with a 63.00. I'm trying to understand why they are scoring so low but when I saw Carolina Crown, it's the lack of full corps movement from a design standpoint. I did see some much improved drill work, but the show seems to be 'beat and blast." I'm sorry, but is Jim Elvord to blame? I'm believe he's on the staff. But it's not 1974 any more, Jim. The judges really like the Blue Stars with their "Wild" show. It is so great to see this corps come back from the abyss of folding to be such a powerful contender. Crossmen are impressive, too by beating Phantom and Colts! It's still early and I hope that Scouts and others will add more improvements in July. Bluecoats may top out in July, even though they are very impressive. I was glad to learn that The Spirit of Atlanta is now located in Atlanta GA where they belong (RIP Freddie Martin) But being able to change uniforms three times in a single show doesn't qualify for a winning show. But they were interesting. Looking forward to the Rose Bowl show to see some feeder corps which are always fun.
  10. Blue Devils are going to be in WA on 7/6. I hope they have some BD C swag for sale.
  11. We watched DCI West via FloMarching last night. (and, boy, do they have a lot of kinks to work out) I have to remind myself that is the FIRST show for most of these corps, but saying that.... The Academy - They are a Top 12 corps. How The Mandarin beat them....? What was the corps calling itself "The Troopers?" That wasn't the Troopers. I don't know what it was. Same goes for The Cavaliers. But all hail Blue Devil C!!! I'm not a BD fan, but I was shocked that SCV beat them. Excited to see DCI Crossroads tonight.
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