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  1. 81Freelancers

    2019 Madison Scouts!

    Bring back Scott Stewart.
  2. I hope she can teach the DMs to be more than an unemotional metronome.
  3. It means "no contest" so he can get a shorter jail sentence.
  4. 81Freelancers

    The Essential Issue

    You are so right on.
  5. 81Freelancers

    “Failure to Protect”

    I tried to warn people in the '80s about sexual predators in the color guard world as instructors focused and groomed young, naive performers to succumb to their advances. I don't care what you do you in our bedroom, but don't bring into your work. Unfortunately, these instructors were valued as too talented to be reprimanded or fired so everyone looked the other way.
  6. I watched a YT video called "Highlights of 2018 DCI Finals" and with the exception of the Vanguard, I didn't recognize a single corps with all the bizarre uniforms. Let's hope the pendulum swings back so that corps will wear their traditional-yet-updated uniforms so we can recognize them and cheer them on. Isn't that what DC is mostly about? With the news about sexual predators running rampant in the ranks of major corps, DCI may be brought down. Hopefully, a new organization will take it's place with more traditional and progressive rules. DCI wants all this news to go away.
  7. 81Freelancers

    A Message from DCI CEO Dan Acheson

    Which corps are we talking about here?
  8. First, re-enactments of killing cops on the field. Now this: https://video.foxnews.com/v/5857834088001/?#sp=show-clips
  9. Check this out.... https://www.dci.org/news/am-i-too-old-to-march-in-a-dci-drum-corps Yeah, tell that to the 1975 Muchachos and the 1977 Bridgemen. What a joke.
  10. https://deadspin.com/iowa-state-accelerates-the-marching-band-arms-race-with-1829759599
  11. 81Freelancers

    Sure Hope This Never Happens in DCI or DCA

    When The Bridgemen found out that DCI was to be held in Birmingham, they specifically made the "Civil War" part of their '79. And at the very end of the "battle," the Confederate flag was flying SLIGHTLY higher than the Union flag. The crowd ate it up. Then they finished up with "Johnny Comes Marching Home" or...."Battle Hymn of the Republic." Can't remember.
  12. 81Freelancers

    Sure Hope This Never Happens in DCI or DCA

    That is awesome!!!
  13. 81Freelancers

    Sure Hope This Never Happens in DCI or DCA

    That's true, but I was there in person to see it. 😋
  14. 81Freelancers

    Sure Hope This Never Happens in DCI or DCA

    This may require a separate topic, but...what drum corps show do you recall being "controversial?" Maybe I haven't given this enough thought, but I can list three instances: 1970 Garfield Cadets where the corps formed a peace sign on the field. Corps director said it was the trademark for Mercedes Benz. 1980 27th Lancers - Their show was exactly the same of their 1979 show. There was a lot of talk about the corps taking an easy approach to perfect the'79 show. 1980 Bridgemen - Not really controversial, but odd: following their final's performance, the corps stripped down to Alabama/Auburn jerseys and did a football scrimmage. They were booed off the field. Am I missing any others? Hopefully, we will not see social justice themes in corps shows going forward.
  15. 81Freelancers

    No Images?

    We're not able to add images in our forum posts????