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  1. Sometimes that makes a joke funnier...
  2. Because...you know...the entire color guard will want to take time off to go shopping or watch "The Notebook" or something. Yes, as Brian mentioned I was channeling the Flo commentator as a joke: The commentator (who was later fired), said during the Eastern Classic that as an all male corps, the Cavaliers have something up their sleeve for finals week because the fact that they're all male means the staff can push them harder than normal.
  3. Big tactical error for the Crossmen, because when they get towards the end the season then the staff can't push them harder than normal.
  4. I think you're making up metaphors and trying to pass them off as universals. Sorry to be one to let the weasel out of the pot.
  5. I don't remember that lol. That didn't happen last year did it? Last year was the only time I went to St. Bernard's for a show.
  6. Closest here was 4 hours away in upstate NY.
  7. kkrepps

    New Open Class Champs for 2019

    1. Spartan 2. Gold 3. Legend 4. 7th Regiments 5. Guardsians
  8. You just need another contact to break the tie. Then you've got hard data to back up the story.
  9. kkrepps

    New Open Class Champs for 2019

    Uh oh...looks like 7th Regiment stole the s that belonged to Legends. I wonder if they'll brag about it on Reddit.
  10. That's probably true, I never even heard of DCA until 2 years ago, and only because of getting back into DCI. DCA events are like ninjas, unless you're looking for them you never see them coming, or notice they were there.
  11. Great question to ponder. Well, for one thing, since it's not shrinking as an activity we could assume it's popular enough. Is there anything that keeps drum corps going artificially? Like a legacy government grant that's going away, or a dwindling pot of money donated in the long ago past? If not, and it's self-sustaining, we could assume it's popular enough. That doesn't mean promotion should be canned. That is critical to keeping it healthy. As an example of this, 30 some years ago when I was in high school I was a DCI fan. It fell by the wayside when I graduated and life changed. Then just 3 years ago I saw an advertisement for BLL, dragged my wife to it and was hooked again, and so was my wife. Then she pushed a son into the activity (who did it grudgingly), then he was hooked. Since that time we’ve been going to shows, volunteering, participating, donating, buying stuff, brought others, etc.. Now as I said, I was a long ago fan, seeing a BLL ad isn’t going to do the same for Joe six-pack who never heard of DCI. Nevertheless, the outreach to the general public and potential fans via promotion obviously has an impact on keeping it healthy. For instance, in the 2019 predictions thread, there was this promotional idea: "Then, at the retreat something derogatory will be said by BAC to BD, or vice versa. A fistfight will ensue, everyone else will jump into it. There will be hundreds jailed and hospitalized. It will be on the evening news, and in 2020 there will be a record number of attendees that have never attended DCI before pushing the audience to over 100,000." As long as there are good people with good ideas, the activity will remain healthy, and in my book that's popular enough.
  12. It sounds like a good topic. I'm not sure what DCP forum metaphysics goes in though.
  13. Ah yes…2015…thank you for reminding me of that year Mr. Bluzes. It was a magical year when I had rediscovered Drum Corps after a 30 year absence, but had not yet discovered Drum Corps Planet. I could not have known then the things that I could be wringing my hands over.
  14. It is hard to keep predators out because you don't know what is in people's hearts (and a background check will not tell you this either). I would think the needed steps would be to have accountability in place to prevent them from acting. I don't know what they are doing in that regard. My guess is that its always been there and has always been the same, but not much attention was given to it. Maybe it was even generally not as bad as issues elsewhere, so people assumed it was fine.
  15. Do you know if the Cadets fared well on best drill? I would think they should have garnered some votes in that category.