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  1. 😮 I dont know exactly what that is, but it must be illegal in most states!
  2. We were planning to go to battle of the bands, but our schedule got disrupted. We'll probably try to get to one of the next USBANDS things that 7R people attend.
  3. ACK! I live in New England but I wouldn't want to punish my worst enemy with having to drive to and park at an event in Boston.
  4. That's the Corps that was neck and neck with, but narrowly lost to Con Cord this year.
  5. I never know how many people are going with me, and who needs tickets, until spring (family of 7). I have all these questions about who will be in the corps, working for the corps, staying home, etc... 😳 It's complicated... So Super 3 packages are right out.
  6. Oh yeah, forgot Culver's. I still haven't been there, but my daughter had a butterburger with one of her friends on the trip.
  7. Yeah, me too. My wife was cooking for the corps so we ate corps food a lot. Also, I was traveling with two teens and a tween and they wanted Chick Fil A (or IHOP) every other meal. So no, I wasn't sipping martinis and eating shrimp cocktail at St Elmo's either. I did get some breaded pork tenderloin at Eddie's drive in though.
  8. Yeah, I was scrolling endlessly down that list of places, most of which I never even heard of, until I finally saw Shapiro's... "There's one I actually went to!"
  9. I'd think it wouldn't make that much of an actual difference if it was one or a few. If it was a systemic orchestrated conspiracy with a bunch of members they'd never be able to hide it or keep it secret for long.
  10. Speaking of bad concessions though, I had only one thing at LOS. I was waiting with the age-outs by souvie tents late that Friday. I hadn't eaten since before Semis and my stomach was rumbly, so I decided to get something to take the edge off the hunger. I got a "soft" pretzel because I figured, how bad could that be? After a 5 minute wait the lady brought me a pretzel and said, "Well I had a hard time finding this and it's not very good, so...you can just have it for free...if you want it" The pretzel was cold and stale and had no salt on it. I later figured out that she must have thought I said "no salt" pretzel vice "soft" pretzel. I think she might have washed the salt off of one in the sink.
  11. Of Course! Only the best, high quality Keystone beer. Love that stale/sour taste profile with hints of old banana and armpit.
  12. I said that the quality and variation at the concessions was poor. I offered this as a solution, because then people wouldn’t really care so much what’s being served. Plus just think of what tens of thousands of inebriated parents and fans would do to improve the experience for the youth and activity in general.
  13. I recommended that unlimited free beer should be served at all DCI events to help promote attendance and enhance the entertainment experience.
  14. Yes, I noted the survey is less generic than past surveys. Seems to be have a lot more current events type questions.