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  1. Really?! đŸ¤£ I logged on here after a year and the first thing I see is the resurrected "SCV epic musical fail" thread. So I left. Now I come back here today because I figure I need to give it a second chance... đŸ˜¬
  2. I haven't logged on for about a year and the first thing I see is this thread again lol.
  3. I was born and raised in Han(g)over. My first experience seeing a Corps was the Lancers in the parades downtown. The first DCI competition I ever attended was in Hanover at Shepherd and Myers field.
  4. Hangover Lancers The Commandant's Owe Cold Cadets Nth Regiment
  5. Man...that' snot right! I liked the Parkay margarine commercial with the contrary tub that would say "butter" every time the person opened it and tried to call it margarine.
  6. Not there! I had many PT samwiches in Indiana, and I thought no one could make a tasteless one until I had one at LOS.
  7. Oh man...I was really looking forward to a hot dog at Lucas Oil Stadium.
  8. Being cooped up inside as a family can get tiresome after a while. But there's a lot of outside safe recreational alternatives to theme parks, restaurants, sporting events, etc... A family activity we did to get out and about without potentially spreading illness was going on a day hike. Pack your food and hygiene supplies, and explore the open air.
  9. We had family game time last night. Blew the dust off some games like Pictionary and Scattergories.
  10. I'm most concerned about the elderly. That bothers me at night. Our church is shut down for two weeks, so a lot of them won't get around. Getting visitors in person is a concern. Make sure you don't neglect to call your elderly relatives and check up on them... more often than normal if possible.
  11. Forsythia (The umbrella corporation doesn't want you to know this)
  12. I wear long slacks, and a t-shirt and I'm usually comfortable with the inside temps. Maybe consider a long sleeve if you get cold easily in A/C, but it's usually not blowing very cold air IMO. Most people come and go a lot from the stadium, it's no big deal and I recommend doing it to eat most of the time. Walk just a block from the LOS to Shapiro's Deli restaurant at least once to eat. Plenty of other places nearby to eat and avoid the rather lousy and overpriced concessions at LOS. Last year I got one item at LOS, here was my post about that: I was waiting with the age-outs by souvi
  13. Everybody needs to make at least one post on at least one thread every month or we don't get paid DCP dividends. This counts for mine.
  14. It's a tradition. Somebody has to say that or it's not Drum Corps and everything will just go to pot. I mean take that away and the next thing you know there'll be MMs in strange spandex outfits running around, using sousaphones, trombones, and God knows what else.