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  1. Well I suppose it could be a growing distrust of DCI in general as a safe venue for kids. I'm not sure if that's what you're implying, it's hard to read people's thinking in this forum context sometimes. Locally and currently, sometimes it seems there are more conflicts with school activities than in the past.
  2. Getting firm and timely agreements from schools to host the practices is an ongoing problem.
  3. My wife is cooking again, but she doesn't know where it's at yet. The last one was at East Hampton but I don't think that's a repeat.
  4. I used it liberally my whole life, so if I start developing cancer when I'm 98 or so...then THAT'S the cause. 😜
  5. They brought a dangerous, cancer causing agent to the stadium and spread it around?!! 😮
  6. 😮 I dont know exactly what that is, but it must be illegal in most states!
  7. We were planning to go to battle of the bands, but our schedule got disrupted. We'll probably try to get to one of the next USBANDS things that 7R people attend.
  8. ACK! I live in New England but I wouldn't want to punish my worst enemy with having to drive to and park at an event in Boston.
  9. That's the Corps that was neck and neck with, but narrowly lost to Con Cord this year.
  10. I never know how many people are going with me, and who needs tickets, until spring (family of 7). I have all these questions about who will be in the corps, working for the corps, staying home, etc... 😳 It's complicated... So Super 3 packages are right out.
  11. Oh yeah, forgot Culver's. I still haven't been there, but my daughter had a butterburger with one of her friends on the trip.
  12. Yeah, me too. My wife was cooking for the corps so we ate corps food a lot. Also, I was traveling with two teens and a tween and they wanted Chick Fil A (or IHOP) every other meal. So no, I wasn't sipping martinis and eating shrimp cocktail at St Elmo's either. I did get some breaded pork tenderloin at Eddie's drive in though.