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  1. Nope, I'm not baiting or being provocative. I'm wondering what has happened to them?
  2. I mean I know what has been happening. I've seen the posts, read the reviews, etc. I mean what has seriously happened to what was once a great program. What has disappeared from their program besides a complete change in management and staff. Something internally (either the members or the program inner workings) has changed to cause this to happen. I'm talking the intangibles here.
  3. What has happened to Scouts? After Scott was let go they haven't been the same.
  4. Last time I was in Port Huron (last week) they do have electricity and internet access. The schools were just updated last year. DCI has no excuse.
  5. Actually that jagged edge does not make the uniform anymore different than the cookie cutter uniforms that exist on today's corps. Many of the styles of the 80s and early 90s were more unique. At least the return of the tie that was part of the early 80s came back to give a bit of style and uniqueness to Madison. A throwback to tradition. To bad the rest is the sameol, sameol.
  6. I thought this was Pioneer. This is the look Madison should stay with this look. The one thing I didn't like with the uniform was that little bit of hangover on the front right. The top also needs to be longer, ala early 80s Eisenhower jacket. Madison is almost getting it right
  7. A nope, still has no meaning to me. Guess it's a kid thing.
  8. Skip Bayless? I don't get it. Who or what is that?
  9. That's odd, professional sporting teams play in different venues and different set of referees and they are compared to each other. George, I know. I guess this past 8 years of drum corps and all the #### they claim under the name of education has soured me on what was once a great organization and family event. I purposely didn't go to Toledo, nor will go to Port Huron, because of it.
  10. Pioneer has that look that Madison should be going for and used to have with the Eisenhower jacket and the 90s uniform. IMO, Madison lost thier onfield identity when they made that drastic change to focus their uniform on the fluer de lis. Great pics nonetheless.
  11. Why? Where each show using different rules, sheets and critia? As long as the focus of the judges are on said corps one could use this information to get an idea across different shows.
  12. Those are ssssoooo much did Cadets pay the judges for that score?
  13. After reading everything, it sounds like that drill has a lot of great moves that when clean and up to tempo could be insane. But then this is the first night and lot of nerves.
  14. The thing is, I was serious about my numbers....can't say the same for everyone else.