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  1. Signing on to DCP for the first time in years just to pay my respects to a remarkable man who represented everything great about the drum corps community. DCI will never be the same without him. RIP Michael, may you hear every hornline from your eternal resting place. - Shane
  2. Solid quarters performance bones! Y’all were the first corps that the audience in my theater clapped enthusiastically for.
  3. dang, Bones got totally hosed in Music Analysis tonight. I'm not too worried because it was a small panel... but how frustrating is that to drop almost an entire point in a caption that they've been doing well in all year right before quarters... Was it guitar related?
  4. Do Crossmen pass Cadets tonight? When was the last time Crossmen beat Cadets? Ever?
  5. Crossmen alumni here, not bashing, just making conversation... who has has seen the corps live that can shed some light on why bones percussion score is so abysmal? If percussion were consistent with every other caption they would be neck and neck with blue stars and multiple points ahead of spirit. Yes, I can draw some conclusions from the caption scores, but without seeing the show live it’s not much more than speculation. Like i said, just making conversation. It’s tough to pick at details when all you’ve got is an old bootleg practice run. It’s still early, hopefull
  6. Now is the time of season when I can’t believe it’s nearly 4 weeks until San Antonio and seeing every corps together... If you 7th Place predictors are right, accept my applause in advance. BK wont have a show until Friday, they have a way of being sneaky out here in CA. I’ll still be satisfied with a single digit finish for bones.
  7. ya... The only two corps to really captivate me so far are Bloo and Crown, and that wasn't even live.
  8. I've now gotten a few reads on west coast corps... man, I must be getting old, but I'm really not digging any CA corps show this year... Ya it's early season, ya everyone is good and all, but I find myself getting board during all of these shows.
  9. eeek percussion... I've only seen the bootleg recordings which are really hard to comprehend percussion accurately. Hopefully tonight was indeed a blip, because that poor of percussion placement is reeaaallly gonna hurt them.
  10. Lol... Honestly, with all the thunderous goo goin around, I’d be more impressed with a tuba sustain than a mello sustain.
  11. 7th? While I would love to agree, they'd have knock off some very talented competition. I'm hoping for at least a single digit finish. I can see them passing Cadets and Phantom, and maybe mandarins, but Blue Stars, Cavies, Blue Knights.. tough to see it happening this year. That being said, I totally dig this show and would love for them to blaze through the competition. I would love to see the last few minutes develop. The ending sequence from the trombone feature and out feels lackluster.
  12. Good to hear. The camera work for BS was notably annoying, even more so than the other groups. They're definitely spread out quite a bit.
  13. not trying to troll, just making conversation... While I see a ton of potential, I was underwhelmed from the Premiere. Obvious performance issues which will get better, surely. But I couldn't shake the 'trying too hard' vibe from the design. It just felt like a million wintery/snowy/northern ideas smashed into a show (I'm totally aware that much of the show design in the activity is just that...). Favorite element of the show is all the cool drill moments. With that being said, I think this show will grow on me, as most blue stars shows do.