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  1. Congrats to the corps and the whole organization on a show and season full of excitement and development. When I got a chance to watch rehearsal early in the tour, the attitude and effort from the MM was incredible and the staff really were dialed in to focus on the details of rehearsal and not waste time or effort. They truly “taught” the corps by not only calling out mistakes that needed adjustment and fixing, but by reinforcing the wins that were happening on the field as well. Seems like soooo long ago I put up an Academy display in the Nike store window at AZ Mills with uniforms and banners and videos playing the show from the last year in OC to promote the home show. Since that first interaction, this corps has been nothing but a class act. May not agree with the judges on the placements, but so proud of this group year in and out. Thanks again to the MM for sharing their incredible performances with us this summer. And here’s looking forward to Saturday night in Indy in 2019!!!!!
  2. Just curious. It never once popped into my head that the choreography was lacking. Any particular parts of the show? It more like modern movement mixed with street vs ballet or jazz. But the performace aspect was definitely there.
  3. Nailed it! LOL. What an amazing and magical season. Thanks to the MM and the staff and the volunteers and everyone involved.
  4. possibly because of people posting video from practices. when I attended there were signs at the gates and in the stands asking for no video or audio recording. not sure if they are up while on tour.
  5. Because sometimes you can just let the show and performance speak for itself.
  6. Academy (13th) is closer to crossmen (12) than Cmen are to Mandarin (11). So not so sure the top 12 is “set” quite yet. Will be a fun drive to the finish and one heck of a top 12 no matter how it shakes out.
  7. My thoughts which matter for nothing! LOL. Gold medal Unis: SCV They read very well on the field, work within the show concept, fashion forward and current, love the V and the emblem on the front to still draw back to Vanguard Silver Medal: Cavies Love how they adjust as uni as the show changes Last hornline look almost feels like a nod back to the blouses that some corps wore in days gone by Bronze Medal: The Academy Great mix of Tradition and trend They feel like the Academy, but with a nod to the current show honorable mention: spirit, cadets, troopers, Oregon Cru, River City.
  8. Giggle moment from last night in Seattle. Just got reminded of it when The Oregon Crusaders tour post showed up on my Facebook feed. Pre show announcement over PA system... presentjng their show, Re-Drum...The Oregon Crusaders hahahaha. Lots of giggling in our section as most people caught the humor of it. I get it because when they first announced the show, that’s the way I saw it until I looked at the source material.
  9. I might argue with you on 88, but would have to totally agree on 89. LOL.
  10. Totally respect if you are going by your experience and judgment. From the numbers, THE Academy is .35 from 12th (cross), less than a point (.95) from 11th (mandarin), and less than a point and a half (1.45) from 10th (Blue Stars). They are 1.75 ahead of Spirit who are in 14th. So as they sit in 13tg right now, they are actually closer to 10th than 14th. I TRY not to give into numbers too much yet. Much more to come as they all start competing in the same shows. The great thing is the growth and trajectory of learning and show development so far this year with this group of amazing performers and the fact that they still have opportunities to push it even more. That is a win to be celebrated no matter what happens in Indy.
  11. Maybe I am looking at the current scores incorrectly, but if they are just .35 from 12th and 1.5 from 14th, I would put them into the group fighting for finals with BS, PR, Cross and Mandarin. Just based on scores that you may or may not be able to compare based on separate performance locations.
  12. I mean the goosebumps start and I am ready to throw babies. Haha. It fits so well with the music and the show and the emotions of the movie and is one of my favorite closers over the last 5 years. I even got goosebumps during the final run at ensemble this afternoon. LOL
  13. Made the drive from Portland to Shorecrest in Seattle bright and early this morning to watch them rehearse today. They had a great, focused, professional, efficient ensemble today and they really held on to what they were focusing on and brought it to the field. You could tell the difference from last night to tonight on those points. Love to see them (and all corps) working and fighting for the best performance possible.
  14. SCV looked and sounded so much better than last night. Guard was on fiire after a weird performance yesterday. Musically it seemed like the intensity was up another notch. I just want the rest of that ending. LOL. And I still hold my breath during that ballad I did at weed I did last night I did tonight It just fills me to the soul I said in June that this was the 2018 gold medal corps I still stand by that comment Academy also brought it tonight despite the glaring Sun just before it set behind the mountains. So much to love with this show. Also...Go Euphs!!!!! And they gave me goosebumps during the closer Once the first MM stands on the desk with “O captain my captain” I am done Only the second show out for OC. They continue to improve. Guard is so much stronger than preview just a week ago. They are really owning their characters. Great response from the crowd to the ending. The red streaming flags are a huge impact moment. Still lots of low hanging points available as the feet get cleaned up in the hornline. BK baffles me. They are loud. They play well. Their flags are bright. But I just can’t connect to the show. And it feels disjointed. And that big prop thing in the back. And sometimes they are Egyptian-ish and sometime they are all “hey bro”-ish. Liked it better tonight than last night. But, ya..... Troopers. How do I love thee?!?! 2 Sunburst. And kickin opener that you can here people connect with as they recognize the music. The flashes of how the West was won and other bits of musical history that perked up some of those that have been around the activity for awhile. Love the uniforms and the uniform change. Even if they look like the ASU marching band uniforms. Thanks Seattle for a great show. And awesome food options. The sushi on a stick and the PBJ Hot Dog were delish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. was a great night. the corps is in good shape with a week still to clean and elevate before the first show next Friday. Looked like they had the full show on the field. They marched in the show tops and shakos with section shorts, and they promised pants for next week. hahaha The guard looks amazing and fits so well. the corps uni's are creepy and really offer some great visual moments with the red/black split. Loved the show music. the ballad is so lush and special. They have had some of my favorite ballads over the past few years (Hymn of Axiom, Who wants to live forever) This one definitely lives up to those. soloists did a great job across the board tonight. Loved me the Danse Macabre! Concert in downtown Portland tomorrow at 1pm for anyone local.