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  1. Do it! Bet you won’t post the results though. But, by all means do it!
  2. No reason to be sorry. Of course they are. As are Bluecoats!!!
  3. Right...in fact, so well designed that the undefeated after TWENTY shows Bluecoats have even managed to fool the judges! I’m sure Doug Thrower would be happy to consider your advice and also the advice of the well-meaning poster who recommends “more 16th notes”. It’s okay to not like the show, but these passive-aggressive “compliments” are becoming very tiresome.
  4. I agree! This difficult show needs some cleaning, but it’s early!! Very enjoyable show. Love it!! I could easily see this show in 1-3.
  5. I’m a former Bloo parent and huge Bloo fan, but I really like Crown’s show this year! No reason to panic or worry, it’s a great show both musically and visually. Enjoy what those MM’s are putting on the field for ALL of us to enjoy and relax about what you can’t control.
  6. Excellent!! Thank you for taking so much time to provide your comments; they were thoughtful and informative!
  7. You might want to entertain the possibility that maybe, just maybe... he did consider that.