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  1. Uncomplicated? No props? The opener will be "the Madison Scouts putting their foot on your throat" ?? Really Jimmy? Some of my "old school" brothers are hoping they will "blow the stands down".....hello?.....with which corps P.A. System? Judas The Comedian/ C- Last Man Standing in Finals dressed like Barney Ruble/D Heart & Whatever/F. Majestic ???? Barry Manilow's "One Voice". A tribute to last year's Champions, SCV?.......Young Persons Guide to an Undefined Style and Show. They will look like Scouts....that's the easy part. Jim Mason had the corps on such a positive trajectory, until Chris Komnick told him he was not wanted back following the 2014 Season. One of the biggest mistakes in Mad Scout History. What a programming and costuming nightmare it has been since. They failed at programming ultra "Modern" it's gonna be "old school" and Pop Music? Very, very young average age compared to a top tier corps. SCV (brass 20.2). Who currently ranked above the Scouts is going to regress?? Who just behind the Scouts is ascending? Performing at 7:30 in the sunlight, before the stands are even full adds to the challenge of advancing up the ranks. The Scouts should be a good exhibition corps, but no props and visual enhancements to present this "show about nothing" will be like watching Black & White television. This is still a competitive activity. Take a look at the Judging Sheets. This has nothing to do with the fine young men who are spending lot's of $$$$ for this experience. The Scout's demise is all on a weak and confused board that continues on with the same Executive Director . The Scouts may be the most dysfunctional drum corps family on the planet. Imagine less than 75 persons in attendance at the 80th Anniversary Celebration. They even had to cancel Al Chez's Band at the last minute. The current board is incapable of uniting our alumni across the decades, and the lack of support is evidence of that. Hopefully some sweeping changes will occur in November, and the Scouts can begin to ascend again.
  2. I have not seen drum corps in years. Watched some DCI TV from Minnesota last weekend. Regarding Phantom Regiment; I truly enjoyed their program. I congratulate them for their non-fragmented delivery of musical phrases. They completed many musical sentences, and in some instances, completed entire musical paragraphs! They must have a unique set of brass instruments? On my computer, they were a completely intonated family. Wow! Soloists, as well as the ensemble were totally pitch centered, even centered with the pit instruments. Again, Wow! Bravo Brett K! The percussion scoring was outstanding, and very tastefully complimented the brass program. Their battery sounded great on TV, clearly a different tuning range than all other groups I heard. Bravo! The snares were much wetter than others, and actually had a "bit" of width to the signal. They may not tape the snares to the bottom head. What rebels!! Their tenors were clear, and much warmer than others. I so appreciate any deviation from the norm, especially if it best suits your musical program. Granted Phantom, does not perform the COMPULSORY, fabricated brass runs and numerous syncopated angry endings with gong and concert bass drum strikes, they do deliver a very entertaining and musically worthwhile program. Congrats to their staff and kids for surviving the season with So Few Notes!