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  1. So I've gotten to thinking over the past couple of days how the scheduling of these corps effects their performance scores. With OC, competition effects the rehearsal days even more so than WC because of the fact that you are often going on first or close to it. Looking at just five corps: SCVC- 17 shows BDB- 17 Shows Genesis - 24 Shows Spartans - 13 shows Legends - 18 shows I'm wondering where the balance is of the correct ratio of rehearsal/performance. It seems like 17-18 shows, based on the scores right now across the board. Perhaps Genesis would have been better served by doing a shorter tour, with more time to rehearse?
  2. And I greatly appreciate everything you do! Was just playing a little devil's advocate! We need more OC advocates like you!
  3. A few big points to make here - Yes, "Rank THEN Rate," not "Rank NOT Rate." Otherwise, why would articles like "The Value of A Tenth" have any value in the judging community? Additionally, again, the rubric system exists to put a number on a performance, irrespective of the competition. If we were talking about a BOA show, then I would agree with you that the numbers aren't quite comparable. An activity like DCI where corps are adjudicated over the course of a summer in a high volume of events allows for the numbers AND rankings to both mean something. Secondly, if the numbers have no basis, why do all your posts about the OC standings include numbers? They should really only be grouped by who has beaten whom, when, based on this logic of rankings only matter. Doesn't seem like that would make a lot of sense. Also - people wouldn't freak out over partial recaps is rankings only matter - because the information in there would be worthless. Why put a number on something if we aren't expected to analyze it scientifically?
  4. So you're saying that I can't look at the scores from San Antonio, when Genesis had a 64.95, and then compare it to the next Saturday when they are scored at a 63.8 and go "something's messed up"?!? That's ridiculous. The whole point of an adjudication system and a judging rubric is that you CAN compare scores from one show to another. This is exactly why judges training exists. If I can't compare scores, then DCI is pretty much not worth watching until Finals, correct? Each show would just be its own little bubble, completely separate from each and every other performance. My thoughts are that at Open Class only shows, maybe the judging panels just aren't at the same level. It's like you go to a local band show - 9 times out of 10, the bands that are "supposed" to win, actually do, because lower level adjudicators find it hard to judge past names and inherent biases. That's why you try to go to big shows, where everyone is (more or less) anonymous. Regardless, the Midwest has been hell on earth for the Open Class corps scoring this summer. Just terrible.
  5. Thank you for proving my point! I wasn't saying they deserved it, I'm saying that's what is happening.
  6. No- still just hell from what I saw this weekend. And to all the slotting folks...absolutely agree. Genesis is unfortunately just too young to have the equity built up that SCVC and BDB have (well deserved when you have so much consistent excellence!). Looks like if Genesis wants the gold they may have to pry it out of their hands. Of course, Genesis may well have the show to do it, it will be interesting to see. What strikes me is the demand level of Genesis's show- from both visual and musical standpoint that's a #### hard book. How much that achievement score is maxed out over the next week will probably determine whether they get where they want to go. But isn't that the story of everyone this time of year?
  7. I think they are trying to go for the Greek column thing to reinforce the Medea theme. Put some skins on those PVC bones and it probably would make more sense but I dunno...