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  1. i mean seriously all those seats are sold out in the middle sections dci can you do better than ticketmaster? this selection of thtree night seats is b.s. im done with finals night stay home watch on tv its like ticketmaster controls the universe man everywhere you want to go they have the tickets and fees out the a.. let me be blunt as can the ticket process sucks and it always has since indy 2009. dci held hostage by ticketmaster how the hell can all the good seats be gone as soon as sale starts i know three night package takes some but not every fricken seat also that three night package is a ripoff,because some people cant make all 3 nights no wonder people go and sit in seats they dont buy on thursday and friday because their own seats suck because they were all blocked out
  2. The carrier dome indeed be great place. Seats are real close to field. Sound would be loud
  3. Your comparing finals scores to early july scores. This yr scores are going to go up by finals. I dont get it
  4. Why not make it one. Good luck goin to 10 8 6.
  5. I went to semifinals and thursday id rather see drumcorps than awards ceremonies and tha marines for forty minutes. Thats not giving a trophy to everyone it goes 38 to 25 to 14. Tickets are high enough sat for more drumcorps to be on.
  6. No way madison and troopers should be sittin out saturday night this yr.There is plenty of time in schedule saturday to have couple more shows.Thrse corps are way better nowadays than in past. BdB played mon,tues in there show and thurs friday and sat exibition.5 shows. Madison get two.troopers two. Cmon .DCI should 7corps intermission then top 7.Sat nite is the fastest show of 12 corps you ever see. It flies by compared to thurs and friday.Break tradition its time.
  7. this ismy 23rd finals. Ouch I've been around awhile.My first review though.Here it goes Colts - A very colty show in a good way. Look great. Sound great impressed. I will keep these short and sweet and hit important points. Im from newyork and get right to the point. Troopers-.beast hornline. Best horns outa them ive ever heard. Great music. Drill little slow but who cares they sound awesome. Boston- they are underscored. They must have ###### off somebody because they are getting screwed with low score all year. That show has music that is accessible and they cover whole field.It is a show easy to get and should be 10th in my book.sound really good and move disrespect to crossmen bluestars academy. But give me a break. Boston ate um up from my seat Academy-another best show ever for me from them. I found lot of corps tonite have thier best product on field this year compared to thier own history.Its clever. Good music great theme. Look the part. I still find horns little weak compared to corps close t them. Also drums slightly less impactful than say boston. Madison. Great theme and overall package Madison-yah i know im gonna start crying here. But come on judges. Are you freakin kiddin me with there placement. Its amped loud i know. Music is killer good. Last 1/3 of show make me smile and go get few more budweisers going.Plain and simple for me. Make me happy. Makes me thirsty and sounds like drumcrp baby. Seriously loved the writing of the book for closer. Totally make sense and freakin loud.If you dont like that show please try another hobby. Crossmen-pretty straightforward solid show. Overscored to me but it is tight and weell done. Bones in corner tonite nice Bluestars-need see fri and sat again. Didnt get good handle. Again they were tight had theme down well. Sound good. They play loud laying dwn. Slightly overscored all year i think. But maybe change mind tomorrw. Phantom-has anyonelse noticied there drums are smokin this year. I mean i watch the whole corps drums,horns,guard,feet,show theme but drums stood out as awesome.Overall for phantom maybe this is not the year. I still lovem always have but they are down in my view. Lots beautiful music be played just drags a little bit Blueknights-loved loved loved this show. Incredible package that is uniquely their own.drums have no hats can see thier faces intense man. They are on rise and it showed tonite. Its just good man Top six all great Cavies-seemed like a short show like 6min wtf? Its good theme fun groovy its the cavies man.Horns are little less impact than top five but theme is on par.drums smokin drill on money. Still missing something though you know what i mean if you been following activity last 25yr. Liked unis Cadets-no problems with this show to me.statues keep you interested colrguard awesome from my eyes.They play notes second to none every yr horns drums both incredible. I really think they finish 4th Crown-i mean are you serious with that hornline? High horns this year or somebody dies. I think 2nd place they will is clever but little hard to follow.Horns and colorguard winners to me this is second fav crown show to me 2013.something bout that closer is off to me. I dont like the drill but sound makes you forget it who cares with that hornline Bluedevs-they basically play perfect everyyr and make you beat them. I think 3rd sat night. They are perfect no problems with me. I freakin loved it i just think they get beat this yr. Music is so nice to hear.Absolutely awesome. Surround sound as usual fast as hell drums ballad of year Bluecoats-i havnt seen scores yet so i dont know who won tonite. But i know who will win sat night yup coats bloooo. This show pops has electricity to it.feels like championship show to me. Electronics are heaviest ive ever heard period any corp any yr. But it works. Spacing is exceptional and music grooves really feel amps are gonna win them title. They use them best closer is killer i was on edge of seat whole show Ya this prob sucked but i tried. This for all you cheap ### suckers who stayed home and watched at movies or comp sat i fig you guys need something to read. Best shows ever for individual corps for me pacificcrest for me..bluedevilsB...bluecoats definitely. To all youngrr people learn history of each corps. Listen to olderdstuff it gives better perspective of what your seeing. Santa clara-how the hell i forget them. Freakin awesome hows that. Rich beautiful music played perfectly they are heavyweight in every aspect.. Down ending works. Unis work. Drums are great just not as impact as last few yr. Clarity in horns. Thanks for reading i try get review for each night. I kmow what its like not being here. Later Adam
  8. makes my day better when i can read some i know i havnt done one but will this sunday for rome,ny show