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  1. Nice! They’re tailored and they don’t look like they just 💩 their pants like some others .
  2. I would never underestimate Vanguard. A finished show and a change in color will certainly help.
  3. Let’s see how they do against Bloo, Cavaliers, BAC, and SCV too. 😇
  4. SCV left two colors out of their hideous costumes - green and red.
  5. BD production is upbeat and fun. It’s nice to not see corps use their productions as a designer therapist session. No more angst and angry faces! 🕺
  6. Corps for decades have had park and bark in their production. BD will medal! Just don’t know who the other two corps will be. The premier will most likely fill in the blanks.
  7. There’s so much more to be added to the BD production. So much going on you’re not going to absorb it all in one viewing. Strong in all captions and that is consistent with winning championships.
  8. Now that’s a contender. Those naughty little Devils did it again!
  9. SCV show is all there but changes in color are greatly needed.
  10. Me and Stephan are both going at it tonight. I told him SCV are pretenders not contenders, and he said they will beat my naughty little Devils. So we have a bet. BD by 3 points.
  11. Agree! Much better production without the vocal. Stephan said it adds nothing to an otherwise terrific show.
  12. Certainly some things don’t get better with age! Maybe it’s a raffle.
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