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  1. This is the show that if any all-age corps is interested has to commit to attending DCA Championships too or will not be allowed to compete! The deal made between DCA and DCI Admins. Remember Terri Schehr talking about that caveat. If so, I doubt there will be much if any interest in attending. The travel cost to Indy, and additional travel expenses to little league town a couple weeks later IMO doesn’t make financial sense for most organizations.
  2. Absolutely! A lot of visual distraction with body movements and angry face. If it doesn’t fit don’t force it.
  3. The cost of travel (16-20k from what others have said) for those organizations outside of the NE to compete in a show in the NE, that’s a lot of money just to get a score. I get that it’s competitive, but is that financially responsible? Why couldn’t an organization just pay for DCA judges to come judge them at a DCI show? Has to be less cost than traveling. Thought I read where scores are held by DCA and can be changed prior to announcing. So maybe it’s not as big of a penalty as it use to be.
  4. Loyalty has legs! A DCI all-age division beginning and ending the same as other DCI corps makes more sense for those organizations outside of the NE. IMO greater recruiting opportunities and more regional performance opportunities too. If those organizations have the resources and want to attend DCA Championships why not allow them to participate as a at large member. DCA continues as a small NE circuit keeping their Labor Day weekend of events. Also allows for all of the all-age corps to continue to stay active and better manage their financials.
  5. What I’ve learned about this circuit has demonstrated they do not have the resources both financial and administration to run a national circuit or are their NE organizations willing to share in the cost for growth outside of the NE. Yet they require all-age organizations outside of the NE to adhere to DCA rules and guidelines many times asking them to attend shows and championships in the NE or pay DCA to hold their own show to just get a seedling score for DCA Championships. IMO DCA is saying you can only compete as an all-age group under their circuit and at your own incurred cost to do so, thanks for attending our Championships in little league town now go back to where you came from. A DCI all-age division makes more sense for organizations outside of the NE with more performance opportunities within proximity to those organizations too.
  6. Stephan said the day Vanguard has tweety birds in their corps he’s gone. I’m in agreement, no band corps.
  7. Doubt there’s going to be any progressive changes. All-age is DCI-lite and you don’t have to look any further than attendance at little league town, which is representative of that.
  8. Don’t agree! Increase the quality of competition, better location and facilities for championships, new championship date, then marketing.
  9. The on the field product is far up on my list of issues followed by Championship location, stadium, and date of championships.
  10. The real question is how many people will like, and how many won’t like the sound of woodwinds in drum corps. Or will it be called band corps?
  11. A lot of disposable income from the legacy group (donations, volunteers and sponsors).
  12. Be careful of what you wish for! Understand the pros and cons argument, just don’t believe there’s any real value to be added by allowing WW use unless there are limitations to how they are to be used. IMO initially the departure of legacy fans will be huge. Those departures will require new marketing to fill vacancies, not just for DCI regionals or championships either. Some local shows will feel it the most. Other than increases in revenue for instrument manufacturers it’s another incurred cost to organizations who already operate in the red. A impact study needs to be conducted from both fans and individual organizations prior to adoption of a proposal.
  13. Circuit could use a good dose of honesty. BTW Stephan agreed with me you’re wonderful. Takes a lot of character to be truthful, unlike a kolboynick shmendrik.
  14. Did a better interpretation in the earlier years not so much these days. Just saying!
  15. Like you haven’t taken shots at the on field product of DCI corps. Pot-Kettle-Black!
  16. After watching videos, those deficiencies are very obvious.
  17. Never said it shouldn’t exist and watching organizations trying to be like DCI corps on a weekend rehearsal schedule and small budgets is IMO DCI-lite. The videos I’ve watched from the 80’s and 90’s the corps seemed to have an understanding of their style of drum corps Clear to me that both fan and participation interest has diminished. Perhaps things have just run its course and that’s difficult to accept.
  18. I’m not aware of any organizations not recommending another organization to audition if not offered a contract. Some carry more than needed and wait too long to make final cuts which makes it difficult to find openings in other organizations right before move in’s. Don’t see this as not wanting to build the activity.
  19. Trashing! please LOL 😂 have you even read your post? Hypocrite comes to mind. I don’t know if there is a need for a weekend circuit let alone an all-age one, but trying to be something they don’t have either the time or money to be just seems odd to me. Like I said I’ve seen videos from the 80’s and 90’s that makes sense, musically entertaining.
  20. If it’s important to reach a broader audience to survive the next five years, it’s important to know why you’re not. Entertainment and competition get my attention, but I’m guessing not so much for you. I thought you were the person with all the answers to save this circuit, maybe I’m mistaken.