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  1. Where’s the picture of Dan sitting on a corner in Indy with a sign begging for $$$?
  2. This event is for one reason and one reason only; $$$! It’s a fund raiser. DCI is in no financial position right now to even support a 2022 tour without $$$.
  3. I’m glad that those naughty little Devils used good judgment to cancel the 2021 season yet planning their return to dominance again in 2022. #20 in 22. Do it up Devils!
  4. I read today that a seven year old was admitted to a hospital not because of C19 but because he had planned to commit suicide. Had it not been for the mother discovery of the notes he made, he would have become another overwhelming 2020 statistic. He hasn’t been able to handle remote learning or the isolation from friends. The article states that adolescence is a vulnerable time. It's when children are developing their sense of self who they are and who they can be.
  5. There’s a false perception being made that a plethora of DCA members are filling the ranks of DCI corps - that’s simply not true. I’m trying to understand the need for a circuit in this day and age that serves so few.
  6. To me it’s DCI-Lite, and apologies if I don’t understand the need for a discrete circuit.
  7. The tic system is dead. Please don’t dig up bones!
  8. Having a small contingent of friends over today and the wine 🍷 is plentiful. Enjoy!
  9. What are you comparing this opinion to? What is right to you? I’ve yet to see any comparisons to DCI performances. In fact DCA would be better to scale it down.
  10. From what I’ve read and seen the interest level is at a very low bar. But knock yourself out!
  11. COVID 19 is no reason to raise the age limit. DCI has a bad habit of never changing rules once approved.
  12. I don’t get the attraction! Some said more entertaining - what are you comparing it to? Some have said they’re training corps - training for what? Some have said more affordable vs DCI touring corps - training becomes somewhat irrelevant if one cannot afford DCI touring fees. Some have said a place for DCI age outs - what percentage of DCI age outs make up a typical DCA organization? I’m a believer in that if you change nothing, nothing’s ever going to change. Not convinced there is a need for all-age.
  13. There’s a big appetite for renewed lockdowns as well as a six week nationwide shutdown in 2021.
  14. Once the great reset is completed we will see who is left. Regardless those naughty little Devils will be the front runners again taking all the toys back to Cali.
  15. Most charter bus companies are already out of business too.