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  1. Guard doesn’t work either. What are they suppose to be guarding? Perhaps cast members!
  2. I completely disagree with you. The trend of costumes portraying a theme and/or story is IMO a colossal failure and completely unnecessary. Musical arrangements, visual drill design, and auxiliary will suffice. Props are not going to prop up a poorly designed program, no more than silly mice costumes. Designers need to consider the venue. Smaller venues like a gymnasium work better for costuming - WGI. What we learned this season is that larger venues require more uniformity for greater visual impact. Madison, Phantom, Cavaliers, Cadets and even Bluecoats uniform styles/colors created both simplicity and clarity with respect to marching design and overall visual effect. IMO less clutter more uniformity!
  3. Interesting that there are adjudicators who can determine a spread by tenths or less, but can’t explain the difference or what is required to fix it to close the spread Frankly I’m not convinced the majority of adjudicators know what clean is. From a marching standpoint fluttering, ring around the rosie, and strike a pose forms is more dirty than actual marching, yet somehow it gets rewarded above marching drill forms in unison.
  4. What differentiates WGI design productions from DCI design productions? Criteria needs to be clearly defined to separate the two competitive formats, understanding what makes each performance sport different or distinctive. Too much cross-pollination has created a mindset that both performance sport productions be designed the same for both competitive formats.
  5. Don’t believe recruiting will be an issue, however drinking from the same pool of talent as some of the destination corps is a challenge for most organizations. I’m looking forward to seeing the 2022 version of the Cadets.
  6. We were having this very discussion last night. It’s obvious that the criteria for what constitutes performance is miles apart between the eyes and ears of adjudicators and fans. Look at the responses to those who performed before and after those who received multiple standing ovations is a clear indication if there ever was. We noticed there’s no replacement for wonderful musical phrases, powerful brass and percussion and actual marching design with great guard staging. Props and/or lighting is not a replacement for either. We also noticed that amplification and electronics is not a substitute for complete musical phrases either and is better when used in support of the musical repertoire instead of being the musical repertoire. It was nice to see individual corps identity resurgence with the hope that it remains. Costumes are not required to tell a story or emitting themed translations to receive audience approval. Seems like great drill design is still the staple for fan visual appreciation vs fluttering around from one set to another then striking a silly pose. Finally guard unison work with choreographed body movements along with the use of flag colors are both more beautiful and impressive in comparison to individual improvised movements or theme based equipment use. Anyway you cut it scores will determine a winner. The big question is what will determine the scores in the future?
  7. We enjoyed the celebration. Hopefully we will all get back together in Indy for the 50th. Peace ✌️
  8. Such a beautiful show. 18 years later and it’s even better. Thank you Phantom! Four standing O’s. Old school is new school.
  9. Marines pit not bobbing up and down like fishing floats.
  10. Well none of us can figure out what Academy’s production is about. We all agree there’s a lot of cut and paste from what other corps have done.
  11. We went to the Powerhouse last night and wasn’t planning on watching FLO. So it worked out just fine!
  12. The whole gang showed up today. Stephan, Ramon, Lucas, Hunter, Patrick and yours truly. Watermelon Margaritas, wine and the usual assortment of cocktails and snacks for the final day of the 2021 season. I’ll be very careful not to upset the mods today, seems that there was an issue with an observation comment and they awarded me a day in the doghouse plus one demerit. 🤫
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