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  1. sorry. i'm not clear. tickets not available. don't mean to be thick. peter
  2. ...or maybe it's just me. i'm looking for a single ticket (hopefully a primo ticket) to Semi-Finals and Finals. I'm just confused about what exactly is still available and what's not. please respond if you're still looking to sell. thank you very much. peter
  3. i would like to purchase those tickets. still available? peter
  4. i second that motion. i also second that emotion. fantastic work and greatly appreciated by everyone. especially those of us who cannot attend finals week this year. and especially by those of us who are canadian and totally shut out of the flomarching site. thanks again. pete
  6. well, there's gotta be some kind of statute of limitations, eh? i mean he told me this thirty years ago.
  7. a very long time ago, a boston crusader told me that BAC stands for "Boston's Almighty Crusaders". he told me never to tell anyone that.
  8. sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but what's happening with the warm-ups? in the park? in the convention centre?