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  1. I agree. They’ll do a hard U-turn from what they did last year.
  2. They played some Pink Floyd in 2016. I love Pink Floyd. I go to every Brit Floyd show when they come through Chicago.
  3. You can follow along here: https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/DocketSheets/CPReport.ashx?docketNumber=CP-39-CR-0005538-2018&dnh=ydjtESJlJf%2fH60wd1QajOg%3d%3d
  4. I love the Cadets and if they have to strip it down to the studs and come out great on the other side, I don’t care.
  5. I was simply concerned. Anyone who is deriving pleasure from any problems the Cadets may be experiencing, is an ######## of the highest order.
  6. That’s what a mom who’d brought her son there told us. I think I’ll just skip drum corps camps from now on.
  7. That is HUGE down here where we are vacationing. Every 55+ community has a pickleball court.
  8. With all due respect, I have to agree. He was just passing along what he/she saw yesterday. Jim and I went today.
  9. Mostly, we’ve been walking down Gulf Blvd and eating too much. Starvation will be my only friend when I get home.