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  1. 1 hour ago, JimF-LowBari said:

    Our Sr corps was boring.... just had two guys almost miss a show at Lewisburg because they went to Lewistown. “Anyone see Dave and Tim yet?”. “No, oh #### you don’t think they went to....”. Showed up 15 minutes before we were due to step off. 

    And that trip to New Orleans was delayed... phone call went.... “Bob where are you, the buses leave at 8.” “Yeah 8 tomorrow morning”. “No ###hole 8, as in 15 minutes ago”. Thank goodness he lived near where we got the buses. But man was he flying down the road. “Look at this speed demon” “Betcha it’s Bob... yep”.

    When Jim was in Kilts jr,  they were in Lynn, Massachusetts in 1974 and the corps director was thrown in jail for going the wrong way on a roundabout.  You can’t make this #### up.  😂 

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  2. 42 minutes ago, xandandl said:

    but will they let Jim and Terri cross the border?  into Canada? back into  the US?  Homeland Security may have been reading those posts on these threads with the stories...

    We went to Niagara Falls in 2017 when DCA was Rochester.  The Canadian border guard was chill when we went in but the US guy was all business. I thought he wasn’t going to let us back in.   😂 

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  3. 58 minutes ago, Jeff Ream said:

    honestly....you make corps have to be bigger, then fewer corps, which means people can raise the membership limit above 154. More kids available right?


    and how is this decided now? Aren't these things to be voted on in January, not the fall?

    I remember back in the 80’s or 90’s, before G7, there was a lot of talk of dusting the smaller corps and only have a group of supercorps.   

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Jeff Ream said:

    I was at both as a fan and instructor. Madison looked to have a lot more than Buffalo. I like the idea but....you have the OC stuff Monday and Tuesday, prelims for 35-40+ corps Thursday, semis with 25 corps friday......and then finals. oh and the soundsport drum battle stuff saturday earlier in the day. thats a lot of drum corps, even for a diehard like me

    Back then, I was watching Div 2/3 starting on Monday.   There was 0.0% chance I was going to a show on Saturday morning. 

  5. 29 minutes ago, xandandl said:

    Since Greater Cincy is less than an hour's quickened drive from Indy, is this Indy-shindig Cincy T.'s "show" (thinking that as your hubby is involved there.)??? Or has Indy airport decided DCA is the babysitters for all awaiting flights home, particularly the large number of cancelled flights, after the DCI corps finish their individuals end of season banquets at Indy hotels on Sunday?

    I can't see Indy hotels backing a DCA show for a few (smaller) corps in lieu of losing so many banqueters (corps banquets seem to average 250+ participants including mms, staff, faculty, families, and fans.)

    Jim is no longer with CT.  I have no idea. 
    Speaking for myself, I didn’t go to the all-age show in 99 in Madison or 01 in Buffalo. Those shows were held on Saturday morning. I was told there were less than 1000 people who attended the Madison all-age show.  People are pretty fried by Saturday after watching drum corps since Thursday morning.  Another show is a tough sell IMHO. 

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  6. 14 minutes ago, cixelsyd said:

    We know how that has played out with the 30 member minimum.  Even if you had 30 or more in a contest yesterday, if you show up with 29 today, the judges are sent off and you perform in exhibition.

    I remember one corps that didn’t have enough members who put Boy Scouts in the pit area. . I can’t remember when it was but I was at the show.  

  7. On 11/15/2019 at 11:56 AM, Poppycock said:

    This is the show that if any all-age corps is interested has to commit to attending DCA Championships too or will not be allowed to compete! The deal made between DCA and DCI Admins. Remember Terri Schehr talking about that caveat.

    If so, I doubt there will be much if any interest in attending. The travel cost to Indy, and additional travel expenses to little league town a couple weeks later IMO doesn’t make financial sense for most organizations. 

    It’s good that they decided against their first inclination.  

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