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  1. 1 hour ago, xandandl said:

    much smaller number of attendees for WGI, so fewer complaints. Also, WGI has grown so that "Dayton" can mean anywhere from Cincinnati to Columbus depending where your prelims are being held (several campuses) and where your unit finds practice facilities and housing. Definitely not as costly as Indianapolis.

    Even northern Kentucky. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Fran Haring said:

    Wow... haven't been on her for several days, and skimming through the past several pages, I can't keep up with the social commentary. And the occasional post about staff changes.  LOL.

    And I thought being a Rutgers football fan was tough. :tongue:

    I love you, Fran.  Reread your first sentence.  Brenda would want you to reread it.  😂 😂 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, drumcorpsfever said:

    DCI should have increased the age max years ago. Seems silly to cap it at 21. The average age of a world class corps is pushing 20. Gone are the days when a 13 year-old kid is going to march in their community corps. 

    DCI should allow college aged people to at least 22 (four years college eligibility years).

    I’m pretty sure they are allowed to march when they turn 22 during the season.   

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  4. 22 minutes ago, boxingfred said:

    During my many years working with the Cadets and other drum corps, I have torn my labrum, torn my ACL, Broke my big and middle toes, broke fingers and had multiple 2nd and 3rd degree burns. I even had a big azz chair fall on my head. I never thought about suing a drum corps and I'm sure they would pay my hospital fees if asked.   

    Forgive me, Fred, but I’m laughing thinking of that big azz chair.  I’m glad you’re okay. 

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  5. 10 hours ago, Jurassic Lancer said:

    Remember September 12, 2001?

    We were shocked... we were angry ... we were grieving ... we were raw.

    But ...

    We were gentler with each other ... we were tenderhearted toward each other ... we were kinder toward each other ... we were united.

    May we grow back into that latter space.


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  6. Did they ask any seat poacher questions on the survey?  Because I have a good story.  And I can’t remember if I told it or not because I’m old. 

    We have it down to a science how we see every corps over three days.  We rarely deviate from the schedule.   We came back to our seats after a little break on Thursday and of course, someone is sitting there. Jim says you’re in our seats. He responds that he “just wants to watch this corps before he moves”.  Jim says I don’t care where you watch this corps but you’re not watching them in these seats. I was lmao.  “I just want to watch this one corps”.  I had to go to the bathroom later to see if I had stupid tattooed on my forehead. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, JimF-LowBari said:

    Just remembered that I’m going on a bus trip to Detroit next month and on way out will stop at Shenksville. Never been there so open for info if anyone wants to PM.

    They were only able to find 8% of the remains. It is truly sacred ground.  They were the most special of people.  Jim and John were so moved by being there. 

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  8. 4 minutes ago, DeanInChicago said:

    Trying to recall some of the other questions ...

    We were asked to rank 7 items in order of our engagement or affection.  I think the choices were percussion, brass, guard, visual, music, the whole package, and uniforms/costumes.

    Another series of questions asked about EACH and EVERY corps's performance.

    No surprise: we were asked if we prefer traditional corps uniforms vs costumes that match the performance.

    How did we get to Indy?  How many nights did we stay?  How did we obtain our hotel room?  How much did we buy at concessions and at souvie booths?

    Did you attend the 2008 Finals in Bloomington?

    How is the sound in Lucas Oil?

    Did you attend SoundSport?  Friends breakfast?  InStep? DrumLine Battle? Open Class finals at Marion?

    On a scale of 1-100, what score would you give to your overall Finals Experience?

    They don’t send me a survey and I actually was in Bloomington and every year in Indy.

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  9. 50 minutes ago, DCVNVET said:

    2002, 2nd Deck, 3rd row up,  Had no prior idea of show composition,  never had seen BC before  and Wow, Wow, Wow. (BTW the Cadets show also) Being a military brat and a combat Veteran from Vietnam I was overwhelmed at what I saw unfold.  I swear BC had some Ninja's cutting up onions in the pit.  Believe me Tis a gift to be simple and Tis a gift to be free.  Thanks for posting Barneveld!

    I guess this is my day to cry.  Every year since 2001. 

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