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  1. I was just referring to Jim’s post. A quote from Benjamin Franklin that I use a lot, because I plan and organize to the extreme. I was in no way reflecting on DCI’s planning process.
  2. I cancelled last month before it automatically renewed. actually, I cancelled this month. It’s still March. I guess I’m wishing it was April after being in the house for two weeks come Saturday.
  3. It’s probably as good as time as any to unload.
  4. I will not ask for a refund from the Cavaliers for the Lisle show but I’ll take a refund from DCI for championships, Detroit, and St. Louis.
  5. Amidst all of this, my sister bought another Golden Retriever and named him Pluto.
  6. I used to spin the toilet paper roll like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now, I turn it like I’m cracking a safe.
  7. My body has absorbed so much soap and disinfectant, that when I pee, it cleans the toilet.
  8. I have about 1/4 inch gray growth and my nails are over two weeks without a mani today. I guess we’ll find out what everyone’s real hair color is when we emerge from our cocoons.
  9. Those of us who take ACE inhibitors to control blood pressure appear to be at a 75% risk, too. It’s why I have self-quarantined. I take 40 mg of lisinopril a day.
  10. I marched in a time where guys went off to the Vietnam war. And never came back.
  11. Nobody. Just planning other things to do this summer.
  12. I mean, really? Who would drink fish tank cleaner under any circumstances? That why there’s a label warning to not drink dishwashing detergent or don’t use your blow dryer in the bathtub.
  13. Oh he has plenty to say on Facebook messenger. 😂
  14. I’m not much for liquor but a good beer on tap wouldn’t be bad. I guess I’m going to have to wait on that for a while.
  15. Scaling back wouldn’t be such a bad idea. The public may be a little paranoid about communal situations for a while. Just thinking out loud. The little voices in my head are getting pretty interesting after a week of social distancing.
  16. At least, they’re changing it up from Barbie.
  17. Trapped in the house and putting up with nonsense. Fun times.
  18. I’m not a dude but I can only imagine what it’s like getting a catheter. 😳