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  1. Somebody leaked it. Kind of like the bootleg recaps we got a few years back.
  2. Ok, well it’s out there. I heard Thursday, too.
  3. It’s very important to remain calm and rational under these circumstances. Grace under pressure wins the day.
  4. I have a friend who has a regular labradoodle. The sweetest dog named Ellie. She is so smart.
  5. God Bless her. She’s doing noble work. But, they do walk amongst us. I’ve seen Boomer Remover a few times on social media.
  6. Well, they were calling it the “Boomer Remover”.
  7. I’d rather give it to an individual corps.
  8. I mean, why string the kids along? Bad news doesn’t improve with time.
  9. Have a gotomeeting and pull the plug. I’m just 🙄 at this point.
  10. Our friend, Jim Wagner, who purchases our tickets, spoke to someone named Brian who works for DCI. He wasn’t working from the office for obvious reasons. He spoke to him at home. That’s the information that was given to him. Now, we’ll see if I get my $250 deposit returned that we paid Holiday Inn Express in Indianapolis.
  11. DCI has already said they will refund tickets for championships. Ticketmaster refunds for cancelled events for the other tickets purchased through them. A friend already spoke to a guy at DCI.
  12. I will. 🙏 In time, this will all be behind you and your family. A bump in the road. 🤗
  13. I'll probably get scorched for this but they cancelled the freakin Olympics. DCI is looking silly to act as if they’re going to have a season.