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  1. Illinois went into effect yesterday at 5pm.
  2. Week two of social distancing. I haven’t left the house since last Monday. When do we know when it’s over?
  3. I really thought I could get out and walk but it’s either rained, or today, snowed every day. I have hit the treadmill daily.
  4. I just read a great book by Therese Anne Fowler. A Well-Behaved Woman. It’s about Alma Vanderbilt. It may be of more interest to women readers.
  5. Not exactly uplifting but we watched the Aaron Hernandez three-part series on Netflix today.
  6. A couple of them have decided to not open at all. One was a revival of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff?”.
  7. Well. This is great. Highly recommended. I’ve cried four times, at least.
  8. They’re killing it in this concert. Samantha Barks, who was Eponine in the movie, is in the concert. She is great.
  9. I’m just glad that Russell Crowe isn’t singing Javert. He stunk in the movie.
  10. This is available, too. Watching now. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1754109/
  11. It’s at the Paramount next month. Hopefully, I’ll get to go. Cinderella is one of the productions next season
  12. I’m getting a watch party not available notice.
  13. Illinois is now shelter in place as of 5pm CT.
  14. Forgive me but we’re way past if. We’re at when.