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  1. My grandpa took one off a dead German soldier in France in WWI. My sister still has it.
  2. The trinity killer. Except the end. Poor Rita.
  3. Pffft … I’d rather watch the “Dexter” marathon I’m watching now.
  4. I’m sure she was drunk posting.
  5. She thinks that stuff makes her clever.
  6. No thanks. I’ve left cretins like those two behind. Living my best life!
  7. I wasn’t in there that year. The only women in the corps were in the guard.
  8. Imagine thinking some fat guy who can play high notes was that important.
  9. Yes to all of the above. The families of people. Even their children. They seem to like her on the Facebook Kilties alumni page and the Museum of a drum and bugle corps page however. Like I said, most drum corps people have short memories. Not me.
  10. Sharon was a chicken ####. I approached her in 1999 at DCA about her bull 💩and she was all hubulla hubulla hubulla. Avoided me like a bad rash all weekend. The key is to call the internet warriors out in real life. They usually recoil and return to their corner. .
  11. Good call. I would have been served well to follow your advice had it been given.
  12. Who dug this up? She will love being discussed. I heard she showed up at the Kilties reunion in Racine in August. She just wants someone to pay attention to her. It’s kind of sad being in your 60’s and having pretty much nothing to show for it.
  13. I hope they don’t put me in 600 because then I’m staying home.
  14. Yes. You were. Why what was clearly in black and white was unclear for those in charge, It’s baffling.
  15. I remember taking a walk with Jim in 2018 after all this blew up and he brought up the DCI guidelines. I said they are toothless and without any penalties. Looks like I was right.
  16. I did report something in 2012. Ignored, threatened, sent cease and desist letters… excoriated for the most part. You better have a pretty thick skin (and an attorney) if you’re going to report something in drum corps. The only one who listened to me was Tricia Nadolny six years later.
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