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  1. That’s true. I can only imagine the losses. That we pay for, of course.
  2. It’s almost August. GMA is telling me to get ready for the second wave three days ago. I have zero confidence in there being a drum corps season in 2021. Just my honest opinion.
  3. I cancelled in March and the credit card I used last year was breached in December, and cancelled. So good luck trying to charge that card. Bwahaha 😈
  4. I kind of thought he was talking in a general sense. Like he was intimating that she wasn’t a good leader. I don’t know for sure but that was the vibe I got from her.
  5. That’s just dumb. I was pretty lucky in drum corps. Outside of a couple of people, no one was really mean, and many of them were great teachers with wonderful attitudes. There’s one guy, may he Rest In Peace, who we had for only one year in 77, who was so good at what he did and was also a really good person. I will forever hold him in reverence.
  6. I loved the tough ones who also made me feel appreciated.
  7. I have never bought into that negative approach. I think it’s sad.
  8. I had a drum corps staff member tell me to “get screwed” once. I walked off the field. I did come back after my fellow members encouraged me to return. We were all in it together, so I did. But the moral of the story is here I am, years later telling the story because I remember it so clearly.
  9. 🤦‍♀️ And I thought the 70’s were bad...
  10. I’ve seen the abnormal be made to seem normal in this activity so many times over the years, that you’ve never believe it.
  11. Sounds like the guy in Milwaukee. Snitches get stitches.
  12. Kelley said that was what happened to her. Horrifying.
  13. Bravo to these young people for doing what their leaders choose to turn a blind eye.
  14. In retrospect...😳. Seriously, I didn’t like their 18 or 19 shows.
  15. If you have a Facebook page, I’d take a look at the comments on Kelley Ho’s page. Not an isolated incident. There seems to some very big issues in that organization.
  16. That would be retaliation against a whistleblower.