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  1. I’m sorry to hear that, too. I’m from the Annie Mixdorf one pair of sticks era and I’m still here. I think you should give it another year.
  2. One defunct midwest corps was escorted to the state line in Texas for getting caught smoking weed at Six Flags in 1977.
  3. Let me see. who could that have been?......😂
  4. I don’t know because I’ve only drove past Nashville going elsewhere. Perhaps tag @MikeRapp. He’s from that area and said there were four interstates going through Nashville.
  5. It was green carpet back then. Nothing like now. I’ve marched on both and the new stuff is better than the green rug. 😂
  6. Yep. It was over 100 degrees down on the old turf at Franklin Field in 76. I could feel the heat coming through my shoes.
  7. I like it although Jim says he’s going in a different direction at the new house. He told me but I’m technically challenged.
  8. I paid to park at a friend’s hotel that was about a mile or so away and walked it. It was much less expensive to do that.
  9. If you polished those bucks enough, they became hard as a rock.
  10. Bad knee from marching on more blacktop parking lots than I even want to remember.
  11. I’m glad I didn’t wear those boots. Guardsmen guard did and it looked uncomfortable. I would have like to have had the shoes they have now in brasslines. I wore army surplus Black shoes BITD.
  12. I knew there was a rule after the DCM prelims burned feet in the early’90’s.
  13. There were some guard members in Dekalb in the early’90’s who burned their feet on the old carpet during prelims at DCM. I think they had some kind of rule after that about no bare feet.