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  1. I just can’t. There are no excuses. None. The judge in my case said that because the sex offender had a pregnant wife and child, he didn’t want to convict him because of that. So it was acceptable to him to allow a sex offender to go free to terrorize the neighborhood children.
  2. Hell, yeah. I’d get in a dust up, too. That’s straight-up bullying. The young woman had to go into therapy. Grrrr the momma in me is coming out. 🐅
  3. Too many chefs ruined that stew of a show.
  4. That’s true. My dental hygienist has a teenager. She was saying yesterday that he is acting out. I’m so sad for these young ones. I’m old. I don’t actually mind staying home that much. But if I was 15...
  5. I thought Bluecoats deserved to be in finals. My problem is with Madison in finals.
  6. Ok fine. I see the OT police are here. i don’t know if you have conversations, but they often veer in different directions. At least, we were still talking about drum corps and not Rona. 🙄
  7. It’s probably because I’m a brass player. I was dazzled by the brassline.
  8. I think they had the most powerful, emotional brass moment at the end of the ballad. It was as spine tingly as the end of Crown’s ballad in 2012, and I do NOT offer that compliment lightly.
  9. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Niagara Falls. Frameworks 2002 is still my favorite Cavaliers show. And their best brassline until last year.
  10. I’ve had months to think about this virus. As painfully careful as I am, I’m probably going to get Covid 19 at some point. One-third of us probably will. Most likely, I’ll survive. And as much as I hate the thought, I might unknowingly, give it to someone else. Like Jim, or visa versa. Acceptance.
  11. I love that but my theater subscription can’t do that. The theater is in downtown Aurora. I’m SOL this year. So sad but I understand.
  12. I’m getting one of those rectangular firepits when I move. In case this happens again.
  13. I’ve never read so many books about Vanderbilt women.
  14. This is going to be around for a long time. I’m resigned to it. No theater, no concerts, no nothing for awhile. May as well get used to it or bang your head against the wall.
  15. They still had good size In 81. I remember because they played Magic Flea. I’m a big Count Basie fan. i think Dennis Drews was the brass guy with them then. Great French Horn guy with Madison way back when.
  16. I can’t stand it anymore. My teeth feel like there’s a layer of plaque on them. Plus, I need a new dental appliance for my teeth grinding. I’m sure I’ve been grinding them more than ever the last few months.
  17. That was 82. They still had a very strong line in 80. After Tim left... (insert sad trombone sound here)
  18. We had a terrible winter after missing finals in 77. Everybody bailed except a few dozen diehard loyalists, like me. Just a disaster until the spring. The corps hired Tim Salzman and Scott Wagner on brass and the Fox Valley Raiders closed up shop. Tons of them came up to Schaumburg and saved us. Talented kids. What was very satisfying about 78 was that several Guardsmen went up to Racine and we ended up whooping their ### most of the season. Three pointed them in finals. Ahhh that felt good. 😂
  19. I’m going for my six month dental checkup today. Which actually morphed into a ten month checkup.