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  1. Just for the record. https://www.wfmz.com/news/area/lehighvalley/women-accuse-allentown-cadets-director-of-sexual-misconduct/article_b5dc30de-af37-5c64-ac2f-eb533efbc530.html
  2. Oh I’m definitely not letting them off the hook. We were letting him have it big time about what was happening to the Cadets in LaCrosse. We had been donors and had pulled back. We were very sad about that. He didn’t seem to care at all. It was very uncomfortable sitting by him and his wife for the show after that.
  3. There was no way that the old board was firing him, GH hand picked them. The old board president told Jim in LaCrosse in 2017 that he answered an ad in Drum Corps World for YEA board members.
  4. You’re my favorite Blue Devil. ❤️
  5. Jim designed the security in that stadium. You are very safe.
  6. I wish they had the same format to post photos that they do on the DrumScorps app. It’s easy on there.
  7. I can’t repeat my alcohol-fueled rants.
  8. They did that at G7 shows. It was pretty cool.
  9. 2008 Phantom. Old school. My kid aged out the previous year.
  10. Tekk needs to watch “The Irishman”.
  11. I really need that popcorn meme right now. 🍿
  12. I fit into both of those categories. Sometimes cheering. Sometimes the thousand yard stare.
  13. Sadly. They were one of my favorite fellow competitors.
  14. It doesn’t seem to be hurting them. I’ll bet their donors don’t have to hunt them down to give them money. And still be unsuccessful.
  15. Des Plaines Vanguard played some WSS in 72.
  16. That’s good. Spending willy-nilly like there’s no tomorrow, was never a good plan.
  17. Amen. Drum corps people appear to have the world’s shortest memories.