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  1. i think of Cincinnati more like that than Indy.
  2. We'll be in the same place all three nights next year. God willing.
  3. I don't know. I do the quote feature and it just happens. I'm starting to feel like a defective unit.
  4. My recommendations: Revelry 1290 University ave. Restaurant Good Luck 50 Anderson ave. TRATA 145 Culver rd. Victoire Belgian Beer Bar 120 East ave.
  5. . I was at the Alexander bar Thursday night. Present and accounted for.
  6. I don't have any Italian restaurant recommendations. Sorry. :-(
  7. If you're a foodie, I have some recommendations.
  8. . I actually went to soundsport this year. It was a good time.
  9. 2008 is not my favorite. I call it the Sally Jesse Raphael show.
  10. I have a place I would like to get to for a bite to eat and a beer after the prelims show. I'm thinking 10:30pm is a good time. It's popular so I want to make a reservation, Stays open until 1am.
  11. That has never been our experience. I'm not sure that is how we want to characterize volunteers.
  12. . Yes! But not before I say that we were all rooting for you. GIANTS indeed.
  13. C2 gaining some ground. The gap was over three points last week.