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  1. I remember those days. If we got a 21, we were thrilled. If we got 22, we were ecstatic.
  2. Not us. We're at home watching old movies and recovering from our spontaneous trip to LaCrosse.
  3. I hope you do! Volunteers are the lifeblood of drum corps.
  4. Last night, I thought they had their best brass show of the season to date. They were ON!
  5. Volunteering is a great thing. This is just a very freak occurrence. A front tire blowout is a rarity. I'm a little marked from the bus accident I was in when I marched and that's why I had a heightened sense of worry when my family members were on the road. I'm sure you'd find volunteering a valuable life-changing experience.
  6. I was choking back a few myself. I always worried when my loved ones were on tour. Hold them close tonight.
  7. I carry the external battery in my bag. There are really small ones now, too.
  8. Can we hire her for Indy? See if she's available.
  9. I always slept like that BITD. Now, I'd spend a month in traction after one night.
  10. Nothing new except investigators believe it was a tire blowout. A driver's biggest fear.
  11. We're home. No more drum corps until July 15.
  12. ABC Nightly News will be covering this story after the commercial break.
  13. I marched in that one when there used to be a show at Evanston high school.
  14. He never had a shirt on when I was there. He had one heck of a harness tan every year. And he was skinny like a camp survivor.
  15. I left his sleeping bag in the garage for a week in 2000 because they stayed in a roach motel and I didn't want any part of that. Then I took it to a laundry mat and washed it twice.
  16. The worst part was that after tour, getting his clothes really clean again was quite an adventure. His laundry skill weren't the greatest. Definitely wouldn't pass the Martha Stewart seal of approval. Or mine. Even after "laundry lessons" before tour. I considered a clothing bonfire after he returned home.