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  1. Thank you for the blow-by-blow reviews! Much appreciated!
  2. I just watched the periscope. Really great sound in that venue. Someone mentioned Bloomington, but I would also add Papa John's stadium in Louisville as a great place to watch and hear drum corps.
  3. . I'm a parent of a former corps member. Aged out in 2007. My son teaches a winter percussion line now as a nice diversion from the corporate world.
  4. . I saw it in the theater that year at the first show presentation. I was stunned. Not in a good way either.
  5. I have a great meme about the recaps but I don't think I can post photos on here. I miss seeing the full recaps, too.
  6. . Say a prayer for her. I do every day.
  7. . I spent a good amount of time at that bar last year and I saw a guy drink every drink on the menu. He was strong.
  8. . I may need earasers for Indy. We split the 50 in row 1. I've nearly been rendered deaf in years past.
  9. . It's pretty rough. My husband did a project there and he was told to try to not stop for traffic lights. I've been told that it makes the neighborhood where DCA is held look nice. The stadium is great though.
  10. . There's no beer in heaven so we have to drink it here!
  11. we ate there last year. Jim had a Italian sub that he said was very good and while I never eat McDonald's, I did have their version of a Big Mac and it was absolutely delicious. I had a beer with an unusual ingredient that I can't remember right now (getting older) and it was also very good. We'll try to get over there.
  12. i have one of those down the street here in Aurora. I like to be adventurous and try all the local brews. so many beers, so little time....;-)
  13. . I won't be the only one enjoying a Sun King next week. Last year, we wandered down the street about halfway between The Alexander and LOS and found Towyard brewing. Sorry about the beer talk. Back to The Cadets. :-D
  14. I have no clue as to how Scouts are beating The Academy. None.
  15. 1Carolina Crown91.4002Blue Stars85.350 3Madison Scouts83.950 4The Academy81.950 5Colts79.100 6Spirit of Atlanta74.450 7Pacific Crest72.900
  16. From BD's FB page: People have been asking what happened to our our ocean at the beginning of "As Dreams Are Made On" in Atlanta - we believe it was probably stolen that day. But - Winter Guard Tarps to the rescue with a new one on it's way. Hopefully arriving by the end of the week. We appreciate the AMAZING support from Winter Guard Tarps to produce our backdrops and ocean tarp. #bdworld http://winterguardtarps.com