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  1. . And I would like to add that I'm a 58 year woman with a 63 year old husband. We are not staff members or members. When I was marching, we sat on the sides or back side. I know that's not available but I saw plenty of seats on the sides. I paid $570 for two seats.
  2. . I was surprised as it has never happened before but I guess I should get accustomed to it. It's a different world.
  3. . Since 2009, my seats for all three shows are sec.140, row 1, seats 11 and 12. This Is the first time someone asked to see my ticket after I politely told them that they were in our seats. Pretty brazen.
  4. Seat hoppers. One asked me to present my ticket. For my seat.
  5. . Google cord cutters. They'll get you on board if you want to go that way. I do get my ISP from xfinity/Comcast, though. The best they have. Burst.
  6. . It was more out of frustration with Comcast. What a ridiculous company.
  7. it's the junior off season. I think you're good. :-)
  8. . No worries. I love trying to convince people to cut the cord. It's a mission.
  9. . I'm actually loving not having a dish or Comcast bill. Cut my costs by over half. There's an initial investment but in two months you are even and then, it's all gravy. And I love the options. You're right. I'm missing nothing. .
  10. I'm a cord cutter. If it's not on Roku or OTA, I don't see it. Lol, though.
  11. Don't know. I don't even know what the Fuse channel is.
  12. . I think they have that show in the can and the producers have moved on to midget wrestling. Or something.
  13. . I love these kids but walking with them is tough sometimes. This is a good place for a stick up. I almost fell over in Dekalb. Love 'em anyway. <3
  14. I think I know what you're referring to. It was not right to drag someone into this who isn't high profile.
  15. . If that's failing, then I was a complete failure during my drum corps career. It's a speed bump.