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  1. I sit really close. It didn't seem as defined as years past. To me. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking. ;-)
  2. . I though it looked less like that this year. Compared to Cavies anyway.
  3. . I went to her FB page (we are not friends and I don't know her) and all I saw were dog photographs and some items supportive of drum corps.
  4. . I'm sitting here at the hair salon laughing out loud! #### you!
  5. . I saw the video and the security person laid hands on him first. I read that the Indianapolis PD told him that he could file charges. I've met Tim. Nice guy. What a shame that this has happened. It was very warm down there and tempers seemed short, inside and outside of the stadium.
  6. . I guess I missed the personal attacks against other participants in the discussion. I think the anonymity permitted lends itself to this sort of behavior. That's why my name, face, and history is slapped right up there. Keeps me in check.
  7. . You want to censor conversation on here? Not everything in drum corps is furry bunnies and fluffy clouds. There's going to be serious conversation on here. And some unpleasant truths.
  8. . I'm not an alum but I support the corps in a few ways. I've done some crying the last few days and now, I just have to laugh. The Cadets will survive this but it's going to be a little painful. I know this pain. I'm a lifelong Cubs fan. Look where we are now.
  9. Different events. Madison for you. Cadets for our other winner.
  10. . I have two former employees on my FB page.... The stories...
  11. . We have another winner. It's not often that two people win the Internet in the same day.
  12. Warm ups are in the convention center. It's pouring. I'm taking an uber over to LOS from the Tow Yard.
  13. . I was looking hard for the Guardsmen. I don't think we made the cut. ;-) Sky Ryders and Bridgemen grave markers are easy to find.
  14. The kids are maxing out this show. From where I sit, they're performing the hell out of it.
  15. I don't know what it's like in Knightstown but it's raining hard and storming in downtown Indy. Not a fan.
  16. I'm outta here, kids! See you on the 50, Plat 99, or Tow Yard. Whichever comes first. Safe travels to those coming to Indy. Go Cadets!!!
  17. . They'd have to find someone to do that tongue thing that Gene Simmons does. Could be tough.