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  1. Yep. I was in Buffalo when I found out. Such a great kid.
  2. . I had almost forgotten about those. ;-)
  3. . I packed a jacket. I don't know if I'll need it because I'm usually fine down where we sit. Better safe than sorry.
  4. Sounds like the kids had a good run tonight.
  5. Cakezilla is four pieces that they latch together and cupcake is two pieces.
  6. I was hoping someone more knowledgeable would answer but if you go past the stadium and past where there buses park, I think there are two parking lots there.
  7. . Ditto. Plat 99 isn't crowded on Thursday but Saturday night is mayhem. I will predictably be wearing black.
  8. . I'm with him. He was twirl dancing when you weren't looking.
  9. . It's been gone since Atlanta. There has been much jubilation. I did a twirl dance in my great room, I was in such a celebratory mood.
  10. ok, I'm laughing hard. I'm going to hell.
  11. . Is that Short ride in a fast machine --John Adams? I liked that show, too.
  12. I've never seen one drum corps person here but Napolese near the capital circle is owned by the Patachou company. Terrific eatery with craft beers, cocktails, and artisan pizzas along with small plates.http://napolesepizzeria.com/