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  1. Plat 99 in the Alexander. They get a lot of my scratch.
  2. I'm looking forward to Thursday. I haven't seen drum corps in person since Dekalb. The big question is, how many times will I have to kick seat hoppers out of my seat?
  3. . Darn. I missed all the personal attacks. On a scale of 1 - 10, how bad were they? RAMD bad or just DCP bad?
  4. . They hung horse thieves back then. Right on the spot. No firearms involved.
  5. . You folks might want to pick up,a Larry McMurtry book. "Saloon girls" weren't just serving up drinks. Since we're all PC on here. But you're probably okay with that, seeing how misogynistic this website is.
  6. . Then don't do a self-proclaimed spaghetti western show and then, in August, try to walk it back.
  7. . What is the show called again? Political correctness strikes again.
  8. They have said the show is a spaghetti western show, They used a photo of Clint Eastwood in their PR. I've seen those movies. He rides into town, kills a bunch of people, and rides out. Don't choose a spaghetti western theme if you're concerned about gun violence.
  9. I hope no one believes I was making excuses for The Cadets. I was not. They are tough, resilient, and I'm proud of them mo matter what. I'm a mom type who adopts a few of them and like any mom, I have a little bit of mama tiger in me. They'll be fine. Speed bump on the road. We all encounter them. Carry on. :-)
  10. I find it so sad...the piling on, the kick 'em when they're down... I remind myself that we're talking about kids here. That's all. Good night.
  11. Angels and Demons! I can't believe I didn't think of that! It was great storytelling.
  12. . The big event starts Thursday..... I couldn't help myself. :-D
  13. . I insist on calling them fake recaps. To pacify us, the great unwashed. ;-)
  14. I don't get to watch tomorrow. :-(. Prior commitment. Enjoy everyone!
  15. . I will not be happy if they're not playing on Saturday night.