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  1. Yeah 78. A lot of people don’t know that story.
  2. Here’s my way I’ve dealt with this pandemic: denial. anger. bargaining. depression. acceptance
  3. I am a Guardsmen alumna. It was just a rumor floating around, like crazy rumors tended to do back than.
  4. And then North Star moved in finals. And interesting rumor about 1980. There was talk that Guardsmen made finals because the powers-that-be had the strange belief that they had a better chance of survival than Blue Stars. 😳
  5. It won’t. Like Dr.Osterholm said, it’s not a coronavirus blizzard. It’s a coronavirus winter.
  6. I’m only posting this as informational. I found it to be interesting viewing.
  7. I wasn’t bowled over by anyone.
  8. The funny thing about early on in DCI, because of how prelims were held, most of those 12th place corps moved up in finals.
  9. But but they were the first and only associate champions. What a fiasco that was.
  10. I guess that old “ turn the other cheek” part of Christianity, hasn’t kicked in yet.
  11. “I’m a retired investor, living on a pension.” — Hyman Roth
  12. That severance is a lot of dough. How do I get that deal? Talk about your golden parachute...
  13. I don’t think we’re seeing anything until 2022.
  14. That was an interesting place to hold finals. I was there the whole week because the kid was in a Div 2 corps. Westminster was an interesting choice for Div 2/3 prelims.
  15. Southwind got jobbed. Just sayin’. 🤷‍♀️
  16. Jim was tested once in his life a few years ago. He had influenza B in the spring and it was nasty. So he’s in the books.
  17. I read this back in March and I figured that they would probably use the same mathematical formula.
  18. I’ve had influenza many times in my life. I’ve never been tested for it. I can count on one hand the times I’ve seen the doctor for it. But I still had it and the CDC has to have a way to estimate people like me. And this describes the formula. Pretty interesting.