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  1. 2008 Phantom. Old school. My kid aged out the previous year.
  2. Tekk needs to watch “The Irishman”.
  3. I really need that popcorn meme right now. 🍿
  4. I fit into both of those categories. Sometimes cheering. Sometimes the thousand yard stare.
  5. Sadly. They were one of my favorite fellow competitors.
  6. It doesn’t seem to be hurting them. I’ll bet their donors don’t have to hunt them down to give them money. And still be unsuccessful.
  7. Des Plaines Vanguard played some WSS in 72.
  8. That’s good. Spending willy-nilly like there’s no tomorrow, was never a good plan.
  9. Amen. Drum corps people appear to have the world’s shortest memories.
  10. Cakezilla and cupcake. Jim moved those on and off the field for a couple of shows and he said he wouldn’t have stood on them.
  11. I was wincing when they asked the members to describe the show themes . BD members were on point and those poor Cadets kids had no idea how to describe it. I wouldn’t have either. The show theme was first “Stoned”. Then it was “Awakening” . Then it was “Statue Awakening”. Then it was “Awakening” again. I thought about getting stoned and having someone awaken me when it was over.
  12. Because BD is drama-free. They go about their business of producing a great drum corps.
  13. Same here. There is no snow on the road but it is near the road so some of them freak at the sight of it.
  14. Who else comes here just to see the dust ups? Guilty as charged.
  15. We are going south. The extreme cold that is coming tonight, plays havoc with both of our upper respiratory systems. We’re both sitting here sniffling all winter. Enough already.
  16. Considering what tonight is like here, I’ll take toasty. Total ground shutdown at O’Hare.
  17. Good point. Jim’s dad served in both the Pacific and Europe in WWII and he was born in 1927.
  18. Not quite yet but sooner than later. Enjoy my tax dollars for a bit longer Dupage county.
  19. I don’t get mad about ok boomer. I just chuckle. 😝