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  1. I was embarrassed watching. I know what young folks do on their free time (I was one once) but I really didn’t need details.
  2. Wow. Those are nice. They have a “horn” look to them. Perfect for a horn player that plays mello in corps.
  3. What are the chances of getting one of those mouthpieces?
  4. Too bad my husband is banned from here. He designs a lot of networks. You guys are in kind of the same biz. Very interesting work.
  5. I think I have arthritis in my left hand from the rotor. The struggle. 😂 The best marching horn ever is the Yamaha mellophone I bought from Cadets in 2012. Sweet!
  6. I tried a slip slide once. Too hard for me. I was ok with v/r but I liked 3v in alumni corps the best. Those old timers had mad skills to play the slip slide.
  7. They’re on the DCI schedule so I’m thinking they were.
  8. I’ve been supporting the activity for decades. I don’t need your validation.
  9. When you’re old like me, you’re just hoping for a couple more years. 😂
  10. It’s legal here! Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!
  11. It’s true. I’ve read several articles about this discriminatory practice.
  12. Ageism is very real. I advocate for the elderly and I see when I take them to appointments and other errands, how poorly they’re treated. But for the grace of God, we all go there. I've even noticed myself when going to restaurants. They like to put you in the back and hide you. And I think I’m a pretty youthful 62 and I’m in very good physical condition. I think we should all try to be more kind to one another. I’m going to try much harder myself.